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Where can a person buy an armoured personnel carrier for emergency situations?
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Where can a person buy an armoured personnel carrier for emergency situations?

Also could an Armoured Truck be converted into a makeshift A.P.C. for civilian use?

balloon buster
Hey, you're not supposed to let on that I'm releasing the zombies until I do it next month, so that their peak activity hits in 2012. Seriously, if the other people's links don't work, look for the guys who keep Hollywood supplied in vehicles. They collect and restore and supply these to the movies.

Mark F
I'm having a hard time fathoming what "emergency situation" would require a civilian to need an APC.

The Russians will be happy to sell you a BMP. In 1997 a BMP-3 had a cost of about $3.2 million each. Western equipment cost more. An armored truck will protect you from civilian fire arms. You would have to poor on the steel for stuff like .50 cal weapons and you could never put on enough steel against anything anti-armor such at anti tank mines, anti tank missiles and .30 mm cannons.

Randy F
Absolutely you can buy military vehicles of all types. There are several sources for that kind of purchase. Check for military salvage and auctions in your area. One fellow near me has a completely restored Sherman tank.

Go to military vehicles .com.you can buy many types of amored cars, APC's and tanks.

I don't think you can buy one in America.

Wooly T
Just out of curiosity, what kind of emergency would you have that would require you to have an armored personnel carrier? Most carriers that I know of are not available for sale to the general public as well as armored trucks. You could always try ebay or craigslist or even a military surplus store.

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