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Which US cities would be nuked first if war broke out?
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Which US cities would be nuked first if war broke out?

If war were to ever break out globally, which US cities would be the most likely target to get a nuclear bomb first. When do you think war would ever break out against us? Right now is the worst time in our nations history that the USA has ever been hated around the world so much. What do you think is going to happen and with what country do you think we would probably go to war with most likely?

Alex S
First off, some people ask questions to get reliable or honest answers. Leave your stupid answers for another forum. To answer your question, a city that would be hit would either have a high concentration of military personel or have a great chance of having a high casualty rate. Any major city would fall into a high casualty rate category. If a U.S. city is hit, we would be looking at a full scale war that could effectively kill many people all over the world. Lets say Iran attacked, that would open the door for others to attack, North Korea for example. Due to many alliance between many countries, once we declare war on a country, we will be fighting others also.

Somewhere on the east coast...possibly New York City or Washington D.C. Maybe somewhere towards the south like Miami. Somewhere in Cali maybe, like Los Angeles. It's true America isn't exactly the most lovable country in the world right now, but I don't think there will be a nuclear war against America. Speaking religiously, I think the anti-Christ will come before that ever happens. The U.S has satellites in space that detect nuclear bombs and destroy them before they hit us, if I'm not mistaken. I think Al-Qaeda or North or South Korea would be the nukers.

It's time to come out of that bomb shelter...the '60s are over.

If I wanted to win a war against the U.S. I'd nuke a city in MY country, and blame the U.S....

Other nations would flock to my aid and condemn the U.S.

Meanwhile, the self-hating hand-wringers within the U.S. would believe me over their own government; benefit concerts and telethons would be organized on American TV to pay for my palaces and my concubines; and U.S. soldiers would have to re-build my infrastructure while dying in defense of me and my cronies.

Life is good in a single-superpower world...

Certainly NOT New York or Washington.
Whjy would any enemy want to knock our worst internal enemies, the New York Times andthe Washington Post?

Slim Whitman
IF war broke out? where are you living, Mars?

I recently ran acrossed an article that discussed the possibility of 20 loose suitcase nukes from the former USSR that had been sold on the black market to AlQuada types. Targeting would likely be done to inflict the most potential terror in our country (or the world.).

I'd say, we'd see "hits" on the US NYC, DC, LA, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, and London, Berlin, Paris, Moscow, and Manila.

If they could inflict an EMP at 30 miles of attitude above a continent that continent would be taken back to the 1800s without any other damage.

Check out this website as good reference for "What if" scenarios: http://www.ki4u.com/

NY- financial district
LA- financial district
San Francisco- financial district
Chicago- financial district
Washington DC- government HQ all right before the inauguration

Bombing DC right before the inauguration will kill both the president and the president elect. Collapsing the four main financial districts right before the Christmas holiday would collapse the US economy permanently if not long enough the crush China's, Britain's, Frances and several other major world economies, all of which rely on US exports.

Iran. N. Korea and/or Al Quaeda perhaps all working together. Anything is possible. Albeit highly unlikely but possible

Won't matter once THAAD is fully online...

Unless of course some groundborne device is snuck in, yeah, then parts of NY, DC, or LA are going to fry.

constance m
I think that it is unlikely. However, if it were to happen it would be because North Korea (the Arm of China) managed to volley a bomb across the Pacific and hit Los Angeles. That would tear up the entire electrical grid and plunge all of the US into darkness with the exception of Texas, which is on its own separate grid. China has millions of ground troops and nuclear subs. They could then invade the country, and the US would be at an extreme disadvantage. The best hope the US has is to continue research on its anti-ballistic system, which has not had much luck so far. They have performed, to my knowledge, 3 unsuccessful tests.China has actually shot down one of their satellites successfully. It is interesting to me that China has so many ground troops when they are not at war.

NY and DC probably.

If we are "hated" so much as you indicate, why are people still immigrating here by the tens of thousands per day? Please don't say your buying into the media kool aid.

We are hated by radical muslims that hate every country and person that doesn't believe what they believe. until we get rid of this damed politically correct way of thinking and become strong again...we may perish without a nuke.

Washing DC for obvious reasons would be the first.

We are at war with Al-Qaeda right now. But I dont see a nuclear armed country delcaring war on us anytime soon.

Nuclear War his highly unlikely. Unfortunately, with how powerful these weapons have become, it wouldn't take much. Of Course NYC, DC, Seattle, Houston, LA, all the usual suspects.
Nuclear war causes chain reactions, so the whole world would join in and the whole world would be destroyed. Nuclear war is highly, highly unlikely. The US needs to employ more diplomacy, and less force. We'll recognize this when less countries will deal with us/trade with us.

I hope San Fran is the only city to go and I think we will be fighting Switzerland.

Henry VIII
New York, Washington, San Jose, CA.

J Q Public
that is hard to answer,since it would depend on what they hope to accomplish. dangerouly close to me if they wanted to affect the USAF

In the unthinkable concept that a US city would be nuked, my guess is that it would be Los Angeles. Kim Jong-Il is the only one mad enough to do such a thing with no fear at retaliation for everyone he knows, everything he stands for, or his entire nation. Even if Iran were to desire war with us, they would know better than to nuke us, because our response would be a hundredfold if that few.

That, and they'd rather nuke Israel before the United States. Still, they want nukes to threaten with, not to use.

Probably Washington DC then New York........, if it ever happens it probably will be Iran. I M O

There is a guy on here called Mahal who tricks people by choosing them for best answer, just so he can threaten and abuse them. It was a fun thing here when I thought you couldn't get any bad feedback from the creeps, but they always figure out a way to hurt and cause pain and fear, that is what they thrive on. So I can't play anymore. That's what they want. Too bad. Evil is just so pervasive.

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