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Which is the most powerful Handgun ever made?
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Which is the most powerful Handgun ever made?

the magnum but the Israeli desert eagle is maybe more powerful

The Desert Eagle is probably the heaviest and most powerful gun due to it .50 calibre round, which makes it the biggest, meanest, baddest mother of all hand guns on the planet. It was developed by the Israelis for their special forces.

Back in the day when using muzzle loaders to hunting tigers and lions in Africa, guys would carry 120+ cal. pistols just in case a tiger attacked the guy from behind. The hunters had one shot and had to make it count. It was considered better to lose an arm from the pistol than to lose one's head to the cat.

deus ex machina
The .44 Magnum and .50 caliber pistol cartridge (as fired through a 6" Desert Eagle) are not even close. Most powerful is a subjective term but if you're considering nothing but kinetic energy then you're looking at a factor of bullet weight and velocity, typically measured at the muzzle. I've listed a few examples below but this by no means a comprehensive listing. Every caliber has a range of bullet weights and velocities dependent upon the poweder charge that the case and weapon can withstand and the application. To begin, bullets are weighed in grains. 7000 grains equals 1 pound. For example, a 400 grain bullet would weigh in pounds: 400/7000=.05714 pound. The formula for kinetic energy is: KE=1/2(mv2)... sorry but the font here won't allow me to accurately represent the squared function. So it equates to 1/2(mass X velocity [velocity is squared]) Example 1: Smith & Wesson Model 500 X-frame. This is being touted as "the most powerful handgun" created. The model 500 fires a 440 grain bullet at about 1675 feet per second. Example 2: The .50 caliber Desert Eagle is reported to deliver a 350 grain bullet at a velocity of 1252 fps. Example 3: The .454 Casull is reported to deliver a 300 grain bullet at a velocity of 1625 fps. Example 4: The .44 Automag is reported to deliver a 200 grain bullet at 1400 fps. Example 5: The .44 Magnum is reported to deliver a 240 grain bullet at 1495 fps. Finally, from the perspective of an experienced firearms instructor, armorer and person who carries a gun all day, everyday I can tell you that the most powerful handgun is the handgun that will reliably deliver projectiles on target when and where you need them. If you have a 'hand-cannon' but can't hit the target or can't get a follow up shot off reasonably quick then the weapon isn't all that useful. You can never depend on the first shot accomplishing what you want it to accomplish.

The FO-FO !!!!!!

The S&W 500 acheives just under 2600ft.-lb. http://www.shootingtimes.com/handgun_reviews/monster_1103/#cont The Desert Eagle automatic delivers only 1400ft.-lb PS I do not really think that the Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Magnum can be described as a pistol. Its dimensions and construction are that of a rifle except that it has a pistol grip instead of a stock. Express rifles are not much fun to fire; this 'pistol' is likely to break the hand of someone of average stature.

check out the link below Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Magnum. the Pfeifer- Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Magnum is 8 times more powerful than a Smith and Wesson.44 magnum and 3 times more powerful than the Smith and Wesson .50 Magnum. it's enourmous and designed for elephant hunting.. dude check out the pictures amazing

Leo de Grump
Ask Austin Powers. Think its the Desert Eagle too.

I do not know about the army handguns, but what I do is that the 357 REVOLVER is a most POWERFUL piece of machinery!! I have firsthand experience of what the gun can do. When shot with that thing, especially when you use hollow point bullets, you bleed to death quickly if you do not die immediately!! So I would say the 357!! I used to go to our local army base for training with the gun. I also had a 45 pistol. It made a big noise but everybody would use to go there with me could not believe the power of the 357. Everyone wanted to know what a woman wanted to do with a danger thing like the 357. Most people had 9mm pistols. A toy conpared to the 357!!

♣ My Brainhurts ♣
Would it be this one? http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=7279049101024789666

it cant be the 44 because the .50 is a higher caliber obviouly making it more powerful

According to Dirty Harry it was the Magnum 44

St. Dave
Gotta be the .44 MAGNUM, the bullets go through engine blocks. Yeah, I know the Deagle is a .50 cal, but it's not the same as a MAGNUM. .50 Auto bullets just don't quite have the power that MAGNUMS have behind them. Deagles have a larger projectile, but MAGNUMS are using a lot more powder to project the round so I'd definetly have to say .44 MAGNUM. By the way do you like my repeated use of the word "MAGNUM" in every sentence?

.50 Cal Desert Eagle

ike d
I would guess the Desert Eagle.

man u forevaa
the desert eagle

Jamey B
44 magnum will blow your head clean off, you gotta ask yourself 'Do you feel lucky punk, well, DO YA PUNK?' POW!!

no n
ask dirty harry

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