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Who do you think is the cleverest race and who is the dumbest race?
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Who do you think is the cleverest race and who is the dumbest race?

God of Fire
East Asians are probably the most clever. Latin Americans have never contributed anything to the advancement of the species so I suppose they would have to go last.

Granny's Marathon in Minnesota is by far the cleverest. As for dumbest...I don't know. Boston Marathon probably wins for the most overhyped.

I'm pretty clever and this is the dumbest question

Well since the human race is the only race I know of with intellegence, I'd have to say we would be a mix of both , considering everybody is different in how they want to live, and what they need to survive.
Though, if you were being a racist and wanted an answer like, the whites, blacks etc....than I would have to say that your ignorance astounds me

Bother! What kind of a person would ask something like that? Let's see.....HITLER!


Bristol is clever race. only the best can win

Texas Motor is a fast fast race. so the dumbest can win

Besides: your question raises racism

The human race overall is probably the cleverest. I mean think about it, compared to other species humans are actually pretty weak. We break really easily and yet we've come to dominate the planet. I'd say that's clever. Dolphins are a close second (apperently the second most intelligent species on the planet).

As for the dumbest race? I'd have to say sea sponges; they're really just an amalgamation of different cell types and don't really think per se


Ohioans are the cleverest!

There is no "cleverest" race or "dumbest" race.

But there is a "most racist" question. This one.

It has nothing to do with RACE..it's what you put your mind to..anyone can be stupid and anyone can be clevrer..black, white, asian, hispanic..doesn't matter..

the human race would probably be considered the smartest race on earth. As for the dumbest, probally some sort of low level organism.

Hmmmmm, Are you a Brit? I only ask because in the US, that type of question is very uncouth. You won't find many who will tell you what they really think, even under the cover of Yahoo answers.

But here is what I think.... It is not scientifically possible to determine the intelligence of an entire race. There are too many factors that determine intelligence, like prenatal nutrition, that would have to be filtered out. Then you would have to make a scientific measure of opportunity and then a measure of the amount of mental effort a person makes. IQ tests have been shown to be incomplete measures of intelligence because they do not measure social intelligence and they don't effectively filter out opportunity. Once you get all that straightened out, then you gotta figure out how to measure the intelligence of mixed race people, which is most of the world. Then what do you get. A big mess. But hey, why don't you go ahead and try.

I don't know who is the dumbest race. There are smart and dumb in any race, but my personal opinion is that the Asian race is the smartest race.

Race has nothing to do with smarts

Every race has it's brilliant Genus and it's practical Idiot's



chris n amanda h
I dont know what race you are, but you obviously failed out of grammar

I just wish the Semitic/Arabic mind could once again achieve the heights it once held.

profile image
Yea, right. And get the answer deleted. We know. Really. We all know.

I agree with old man. I live in the U.S and we are both smartest and dumbest. Oh well.

I would be happy to tell you, but as you know, it's politically incorrect.

'as-salāmu calaykum
The human raceis the "cleverest"

not sure about the dumbest, probably one that is extinct

AlfRed E nEuMaN 4 preSIDent
a race that can perpetually cast itself as a victim
.......... get from the us billions of dollars in aid ......... fighter jets ...... helicopter gunships ....... missiles ........ to be used on civilians .......... a race that have given us more problem than it's worth and yet we consider them OUR ALLY!

WHO'S CLEVEREST? WHO'S THE DUMBEST? i didn't dare say it ....... you decide

Cleverest race is car race, they are enclosed and go very fast.

Foot race is worst, they are outside in the cold and rain and cannot travel as far or as fast.

Jeff S.
The smartest race is the Trandoshans because they stayed on good terms with the Galactic Empire.

The dumbest race is the Gungans because they had Jar Jar Binks, and he accidentally created the Galactic Empire.

Stupid Jar Jar!

You can't be serious.

history will show you - if you look way back though the Egyptians and Middle Eastern - and China were the most advanced 3000 years ago and more - then it shifted to Europe with Greece - Rome - England then America

This question is like calling someone on the phone and asking if
they have Prince Albert in a can or if your refrigerator is running.

As a matter of fact why don't you go do that and stop
pestering the grown ups.

Thank you very much, while you're up!!

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