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Why do alot of Marines act like they are better then other branches of the military?
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Why do alot of Marines act like they are better then other branches of the military?

I respect anyone who serves but it is hard not to notice that alot of Marines think they are better then any other branch....Are they? I am not saying all Marines but alot of them. I've heard the training is harder then the other branches?

California Street Cop
They are.

And they're still in the Department of the Navy....the MEN'S Department. (I almost pissed myself when a Marine threw that one at me.)

They KNOW they're better than other branches....its the marines, the best of the best and there's more pride in the title of marine than most will know

El Dude
it's not acting.

Because they are

Because Marines believe that they are better then the others-called esprit d'corps. Like asking why do Rangers think they are better then the rest of the Army or airborne/air assault think they are better then "straight legs." As for the Marines being a department of the navy...the Marines were never part of the Navy, they are within the Department of the Navy which is a civilian government organization. The Coast Guard, in times of declared war also are transferred to the political entity The Department of the Navy but again they are not part of the US Navy. My usual response to that question is "Yes the Marines are part of the Department of the Navy; they are the men's department." Yes I am a retired Marine but my father was career Navy, he never forgave me for joining the Marines.
To make a point clear to the bdsmslavegirlee the first separately organized "Marines" in modern times were actually the Dutch Marines-they precede the Royal Marines. Also the Royal Marines have a different mission then the US Marines as they are much more a special operations unit then a large scale amphibious operations force.

From someone who is prior Active Army, the Marines are sharp. My husband is Active Army and we are stationed at a post that has all of the branches of Service. When I drive to work in the morning, I see the Marines running, and they look and sound extremely motivated. They take pride in their appearance. They just look sharp. And yes, it is something that is instilled in them during training. They don't think they are better than anyone. They are proud of their branch, but everyone should be proud of the branch they are in.

The Marines often get a bad rap..all brawn, no brains, trouble makers, bad boys of the military. And while this is true for some, you can find folks like that in all branches. The Marines tend to have the toughest training, must be in top shape at all times and, lets be honest here, are the first ones to go in when there is trouble. These men and women knowingly commit to being the most likely to die in the beginning of any conflict. They are often seen as "meat shields" by other branches, but without them, thier commitment and their selflessness, there would be far more American deaths. These "boys" and the infantry divisions in the Army are the backbone of the US military. I may be married to an AF man, but am constantly amazed by the dedication Marines bring to thier jobs..and thier lives. The code set out for thier time in service often becomes the code of their lives. Yes, some Marines play as hard as they serve..again that is across all the branches...but the Marines often seem to go a bit further, do a bit more than they should and the Corp has a reputation for letting it slide. I can assure you this is not the case...Marines are held to a high standard of conduct and if they break it, it is seen not only as a disciplinary issue, but an insult to the Corp. Plus, they have the absolute BEST looking dress uniform!

Mullah Obama
It's called PRIDE. I thought and still think the NAVY is better than all the other branches. But, if I see another military person getting hasseled by civilians I would be there in a second to back up another military person.

There hasnt been many people to walk the earth as United States Marines, end of story.

what part of that dont you understand.

Once a Marine Always a Marine!

they are a great imitation of the real marines
the royal marines
the Royal marines are the original and best while obviously the American marine is a cheap imitation that makes him better than the Rest of the American forces

ever notice how American special forces just arnt nearly good as the SAS?

Great Alto Sax
I am not answering this to get the ire of my USMC brethren up, I am doing so to simply try to give you an intelligent answer.

USMC (Uncle Sam's Misguided Children) are really a great bunch of very well trained troops. They tend to take credit for everything and will actually argue the point with anyone. That's just pride. Nothing wrong with it really.

We soldiers are also a boastful lot but we are more reserved about it. Though if you put all of the services together in the same room, everyone will argue at who is best. Not just the marines. Though I have always thought that they have a better fashion designer...but then so did the Nazi's. Oooops....anyway back on target here.

The marines are no better, or worse than any other branch though they do have longer basic training and they are most certainly well trained. For a small service (a subset of the Navy) they can kick some ***. I certainly am glad to see them on our side when a battle heats up. They are usually used in special situations much like Green Berets and Rangers are from the Army. Mostly due to the longer training they get versus the average Army soldier.

Oh BTW: Don't call them soldiers, they hate that. They prefer Marines. I truly don't think any one of them is serious when they go around boasting, we all do it just to grab each other's goat so to speak.

Hope this helps.

Just don't point out to them that Army Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, SF, and AF Combat Controllers and PJs are *usually* in the fight before they are... and used more often in modern times... you might as well kick their dog and insult their mom by the reaction you get.

Also don't bring up to them that ANGLICO Marines attend Army Ranger and Airborne school, or that any of their finest would dare have to train with another branch. They like to disregard things like that.

And especially don't mention that the Marines are just there so Sailors have someone to dance with.

the devil wears camo
the USMC does not act and they do not think they are better then anyone else,they KNOW they are,they train in a different manner then the rest of your army because their role in war is different then others(check out the USMC history in war and their battle honours),the very reason you have such a unit is the same reason we in the UK have our ROYAL MARINES,we need troops who can go in first on any op ,take control of any situation,sustain themselves until relived ,as with your USMC you need a quick reaction force,that is their role in a combat situation and if that makes them appear Superior to other units then they are for what they do,its not ego that wins in a firefight,its training,

Bite My Shiny Metal ......
I had 2 encounters in Okinawa with "tough guy" Marines. They started both altercations and both of them picked their arrogant asses up off the floor.

Their training instills them with the belief that they are bad asses. Reality wakes them up to the truth that they're not.

Chesty Puller Lives
“The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!” Eleanor Roosevelt

Marines are tops. Length of Boot, depth of ongoing training, sheer kick-butt attitude.

Every Marine (Male and Female) is a Rifleman...
I wouldn't have trusted most of my Airmen on my load crews with a loaded AR-15 let alone properly employ an M-203.
Not because they can't shoot but because they were NEVER trained to understand combat tactics from their third week in basic. Even Air Wing Marines are drilled in tactics and expected to react in a offensive/defensive posture as needed IN A MOMENT'S notice.
My Airmen only knew what a FEBA (Forward Edge of Battle Area) because I made it a point to work with them - especially when stationed in Korea.

Marines have done so Much with so Little for so Long that we are qualified to EVERYTHING with Nothing! Witness the Carter fiasco.

My dad was an Army SNCO and step-dad was a Navy Warrant Officer.
I was in the Air Force and Marines.

Semper Fi

No; it's just part of their "mind conditioning" during boot camp. They don't corner the market on pride in service, although they seem to think they do at times. Every branch offers something different for it's respective members that makes the branch they chose best suited for them. My husband had a specific set of goals he wanted to achieve and the Army offered him the most options to achieve those goals; so he chose to enlist in the Army. He hasn't regretted it once.

Supposedly, they are the "few and the proud." Their basic entry training is 13 weeks and the Army's is 9. (This doesn't include individual training.) Supposedly, it's harder... I think it's just longer. No one should really think that their branch is any better than another. They all work together for the same purpose. Each branch contributes to this country's safety and freedom. Their training is more physically demanding than even the Army's. But, the Army's physical standards are high. The Army doesn't require pull-ups for graduation and the Marine's does. I don't think you should think you are better for having chosen one branch over another... But it's never going to change so there's no use in arguing about it. Hooah! (or Hoo-rah for you Marine's)

If they are so good, shouldn't an exterior professional group point it out ? Is n`t that weird to complement yourself and express that you are better ? What purpose does it serve other than the ego ?

They have a hard time getting out of the Navy's shadow since the marines are a department of the Navy and not there own branch.
Ahahahaha We own you.

they are brain washed..they are trained to think that way...

Mogollon Dude
It is part of the mental training they go through .

Gday Maaaaate!
they are gayy??? iuno

all they really are is the navys army but they instill a mentality into them that they are better when in fact theyre not hteir is difference in the branches but the real bad asses are in special ops anyway

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