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Why do certain Marines get chosen to be deployed over others?
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Why do certain Marines get chosen to be deployed over others?

Please explain this to me?
Thanks :-)!

Marines do not get deployed. Units are deployed. And those units are on a rotation list based on capability and length of time or dwell time between deployments.

Lava Perro
I don't clearly understand what you're asking.

There are many different units in the USMC. Some will get picked to deploy, while others are on a never ending rotation of deployments. Very few units in the USMC wont deploy since they are not needed to deploy.

it can be many many reasons

Medical reasons some marines have medical conditions that stop them from being able to fight in a combat zone.

Mos reasons, A marine with an infantry job is more needed down range than a marine with a medical job or MOS.

training reasons, some guys have to stay behind and teach the others how to go down range and fight.

Leslie S
There are some units in rotation schedules but not all.

Yes some Marines do deploy! My husband unit doesn't deploy. They have never deployed as a group/unit. Their unit will attach a few Marines to other units to deploy based on the needs of the Marine Corps. There is no rotation schedule. Most of the guys have no idea when they will deploy next. Every so often they will get word that a certain rank is needed or a few guys are needed. My husband came home last week and told me they are looking for one person of his rank to deploy with such and such unit. When this happens they first ask if anyone wants to deploy. Believe it or not usually someone does. They are having family issues and want to get away, they need the money, they want a combat tour on their record, ect. But if no one wants to go they then look at anyone who hasn't had a combat tour (if its a combat deployment). They also look at who hasn't deployed recently, who they can't stand and want to get rid of (hey i'm being honest), who has any extreme issues that they really need to deal with so someone else gets sent. (yes they do consider this if possible, currently they have a guy whose wife left him with two kids to take care of, just a few weeks later they needed his rank and another guy was sent instead so this guy could get his stuff in order.)

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