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Why do enlisted wives cheat on their spouses more than officer wives?
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Why do enlisted wives cheat on their spouses more than officer wives?

Where did you get this information from?
How do you know this ? are you assuming? I feel if a spouse military or not will cheat he or she will do so, as far as military are concern so many focus on wives cheating not all of them do , yes there are some who cheat I have seen both male and females cheat , honest I have seen more Officers cheating than Enlisted , cheating is still cheating regardless of rank or spouse...and I feel anyone who cheats in the Military should be punished... but without proof ie vidoe tape or pics (even then it can be fought) or unless 1 or both parties admit to it the chain of command usually wont do anything about it... sad but true.

Armywife &Soldier

Officers have a college education and their wives likely have a college education. That is some ways should make them more refined or at least they should care about appearances. Officers wives have unwritten responsibilies to their marriage. Enlisted wives have a greater chance of being from a lower social economy life. There is also no expectation from them as wives in the navy.
I know this sounds bad but I was in for 14 years and I heard the stories.

Denise S
that's a pretty gross generalization.. do you have cites?


Or are you scouting out a possible scoring opportunity?

Look elsewhere my friend.

WOW!!! I am guessing you are serious...first of all....military personel and families are humans just like everyone else no matter who they are married to ...I do not hold my husbands rank....he is in the military....I am the spouse and eventhough I live in the military community, and deal with alot of the BS involved with the lifestyle, I don't wear the uniform or do his job....I am fully aware of the separation of most officer's wives and enlisted wives(although I don't agree with it...bottom line, we are all military wives), but you really should not generalize cheating like you have.....in my personal opinion, it has nothing to do with what rank your spouse is or how long they are away from home...and actually, officers are generally away from home and at work more than most lower enlisted (E5 or E6 and below)...I do not know where you got your info from, but you should look it as wives in general....why does anyone cheat? You won't get an answer from me....I don't know of any reason for cheating on my husband...you should get out of the relationship before you do something like cheating..

i wouldn't know my husband is enlisted and i have never cheated oh him nor would i

because officers make more money.

Your generalization shows your lack of knowledge. Please cite some sources.

I don't have any research that says one cheats more than the other and I am guessing that you don't either. It sounds to me like you have been the victim of a cheating spouse and if that is the case, your trying to find a way to justify or ease your pain by going with an age old excuse like its part of their DNA to cheat or enlisted wives always cheat more bc _,& etc. (follow my drift) Now with that being said here is my humble opinion, PEOPLE cheat because they are to lazy or imature to deal with the issues in their marriage, so they go outside their marriage looking for that instant gratification, instant fix or the greener grass which all know by now is not really greener.... When they recieve what they were looking for !! (the instant gratification that is ) they usually again run away from the problems that it causes and continue into a downward spiral until it blows up in their face. At which point they blame you, society, their childhood, and who ever else they can blame to avoid dealing with themselves. So the moral of this comment is my dear put the blame where it lies.....THE PERSON WHO COMMITTED THE ACT!!! Not the military personnel whether enlisted or officer.

While I don't think this is true percentage wise but if you look at raw numbers there are 10 times more enlisted than Officers

♥ Infantry Wife ♥
and you have the documents to prove this hypthothesis?
because i'm married to enlisted soldier...90% of my friends are married to enlisted soldiers and NONE of us have ever cheated on our soldiers...and NONE of us have even thought about it....so go get your facts straight...

The Original Magic 8 Ball BILF
Okay, bucko, try this one on for size:

My hubby's last deployment ended about six months ago. Two platoons of 'ours' were attached to another Company out of which there were about 10 married couples. Two spouses cheated while their soldiers were away. A whopping FOUR (that's double, you know) soldiers in that group cheated on their spouses. Oh, all of the cheating couples except for one were enlisted, but there was only one married officer, so that would be 100% of the officers were cheated on.

You can play with the numbers all you want, but enlisted soldiers cheat, spouses cheat, officers cheat and so do their spouses. Oh, it's like that in the civilian world, too.

Ease up on the wives, we put up with a lot having our soldiers away and most of us are FANTASTIC as our soldiers would tell you if you asked them.

youve got to be kidding me??? if someone is gonna cheat it doesnt matter if they are officers or enlisted or married to officers or enlisted....just like in the civilian world it doesnt matter there are just as many CEOS cheating as their are convenience store clerks (actually probably more) the problem is a lack or morals on the part of the person cheating.....and im not sure where your getting these numbers.....but im willing to venture a guess as to why it appears to be true to you........the officers spouses hide it better.

F-22's are sexy!
Wow. Well, I can tell you that a LOT of military spouses will disagree with you. My husband travels around the world docking at different city's, and has the chance, as well as the 300-600 men with him on any ship, to cheat on his wife.

Has he yet? No. Will he? No. Because he has respect and dignity that stems from part of the Navys motto: Honor and Commitment. And that is why in the military, when you cheat on your spouse, you get in BIG trouble with the court.

People don't give us military spouses enough reputation. We put up with a lot, and most of the time, we are the backbone as to what keeps them going out there.

That's truly an idiotic question. We all have the same genetic makeup. We're all human.

Are you just trying to be offensive or are you really this ridiculous?

I would have to read the study that you used to come to this conclusion to venture an opinion.

Because there are more of them.

Where are you getting this information? Not only is is flawed, but it's simply not true. I am a Marine lawyer and I deal with the issue of infidelity from a legal standpoint. Cheating on one's spouse has nothing to do with being the wife of an enlisted man or an officer, it has to do with the person who's cheating. Infidelity does not know or care if one is the wife of an officer or enlisted man. The problem is that we tend to hear more about the enlisted issues than we do about officer issues and that gives a very false impression that enlisteds have more problems.

UPDATE: Based on the latest addition to your posting, I feel compelled to, once again, point out your misinformation. There is no average to be given. As I stated earlier, enlisted issues are focused on more than officer issues. If you feel you have accurate information, I'd like to see your credible, primary source. Otherwise quit posting misinformation and your own personal opinion as fact.

6'3 and 135lbs not an iota of intelligence and cant get any from girl or woman never mind any ones wife.

Just me
You've never been at the airmen's or nco club after a fighter squadron has deployed have you?

I don't think enlisted cheats more than officer. I don't think military cheat more than civilian. It's just a perception, however normally the perception is that officer wives cheat more than enlisted wives.

Sharen H
How many officers do you know are deployed, or in the field or doing training exercises for 14 days+? My husband is not an officer and he works his *** off and I have not and dont plan on being with any one else. Thank you. I dont know what your situation is but no ,matter what your profession is always "Do Your HOMEwork". Let those at home( The Wifey and the rugrats) know that they mean something even though your job takes a lot of your time.- Ft. Sill, Ok :)

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