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Why do some people consider Guantanamo Bay America soil?
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Why do some people consider Guantanamo Bay America soil?

The base itself may be American but the soil it's on is not. A lease does not = own. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't it still be considered Cuban soil that we are leasing? By American I me the United States not the America's in general most people would know that's what I meant. And just because you lease an apartment or rent one doesn't mean you own the apartment, your landlord owns the apartment you just rent it and you are held to the restrictions the landlord sets in place. If I lease a piece of land and put a structure on it I may own the structure but that still doesn't change the fact that the actual land or "soil" is not mine and I can't do with it as I please.

Sarah M
On a small island in North Carolina called Okracoke, there is a British cemetery where the bodies of 4 British sailors washed ashore after the HMS Bedfordshire was torpedoed by Germans in 1942. Their bodies were buried on U.S. soil under the flag of England. The land is considered English, even though it "belongs" to the U.S. The facility at Guantanamo Bay is considered American, despite its location in Cuba.

It is not needed any longer it use to be a coal station However many in the world see Castro as a hero so we keep it as long as we damn well please

It is not US soil, but it is like any other military base in a foreign country. We have sovereignty, and unlike any other place in their country, the local authorities are not permitted to enter onto our base without our permission.

"soil" is a figure of speech indicating that US Bases and Embassies are accorded the same status "as if" they were built within the borders of the U.S. For the same reason a condominium owner is still said to own "property" when, in fact, he/she only "owns" the space. It is a means of putting the issue of "rights" into tangible terms.

Guantanamo is in Cuba, Cuba is in America. Guantanamo is American soil. That said, you meant to say "United Statesian soil", that being the case, Guantanamo was "leased" to the US, for as long as that lease is valid that is United Statesian soil, much like your rented apartment is YOUR apartment as long as your lease is valid. {edit to add} There are no "Americas" there is ONE America, one American continent. Columbus discovered America (not the US) America = continent If America was not a continent then what on earth would the name of the US of A mean? The United States of itself? The United States of a non-existing place? What exactly? People traveled to and from America for three hundred years before the US begun, there was then and now only ONE America. Check out the first map of America done in 1507 the northern part of America was not even chartered yet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Waldseemuller_map_closeup_with_America.jpg

We are leasing it, it is ours. We didn't lease the air, we leased the soil. It's American soil.

The same reason we consider embassies and military bases the soil of the country that occupies them....

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