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Why is the US military so weak?
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Why is the US military so weak?

We haven't won a war in a long time. we've lost in Central America, Vietnam, Korea, we're losing in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Marines fled from Somalia.

why is our military so weak?

Sweet Tea
Poor leadership in Washington

Sly Scallion III
keep on smoking your bluntz! Your brains are fried!!!


Lil Wayne
Are you alright? have you been sick?

No Quater in Denison
The US military is not weak, the US govt. is.

Mark F
YA does not provide enough space to deal with the level of stupid in this question.

Work 'em Silly Gators
wow, just when you think people of such an intelligence level could not possibly understand how to operate a computer... someone goes ahead and types this...

Super Yorkie Power!
Way to copy this directly word for word from someone else's post all of 10 minutes ago. See below for answers.

You really haven't read a good source of info, with the exception of vietnam.

Plus, other countries can't really last In a war that lasts for so long.

the only war we lost was vietnam we got hammered and we won the rest ya we are still stationed there but thats a differant story the marines fled from somalia so the army can come in ppl just say were losing the war now because there really is no reason to be there

If you are American you are really disrespecting your country right now. All of our Victories out weigh all of our losses. And who sais we are losing in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN? Are you in the military? Do you kno whats going on oversees? Untill then come talk to me.

David L
Its not that we are weak its that we are to spread out if you take a look at world war two it was a mere 5 years to korea deffinetly not enough time to recover from that scale of a war then within the nest 12 years we were in vietnam our soldiers were never trained for any kind of those wars and the trend continues today we can not see our enemy but only wait till they attack 1st and also since we have CNN an those dumbass news companies there that whenever a soldier fires a bullet it becomes the biggest deal since the JFK assassination. heres my take let soldier be soldiers not a controlled new media person

Desert Marine
We are fighting an enemy without a uniform or a flag. So no, we just can't burn cities to the ground, or kill all military aged men anymore.

The Marines are not an occupying force, they completed their mission and they left.

We are so debilitated because of the laws of war and how WE are always in the public eye, they are waiting for us to do something so I'm not surprised that we tread lightly, but we do still and always will carry the biggest stick.

You are an idiot. First we did not flee Somalia, i was there during that time. We left it for the Army to handle and that is when the Black Hawk Down incident happen. Second, we did accomplish our mission and were victorious in IRAQ. There is no longer a dictator or any of his supporting cast. We are wasting our time in Afghanistan as that is a place where Russia also retreated. I know back then the Russian Army was a lot stronger. We did not lose in Korea either, there was a cease-fire agreed on by both sides.

Keng Telio
Lol.. US Military Weak.. Compared to who? God?

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