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Will USA and Russia go to war?
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Will USA and Russia go to war?

Do you think the UK will get involved? WW3 mabye?

Ash Y
i thought they was fighting but seems not nah they pulling out already big cowards. Russia is no military . their force just reminds me of a big group of bully's at school and when you fight them they run home cowards and retreat for anything. if they wanna f with countries teach them a lesson by assassinating their president and deputy president .

The link below will help explain the Russian desire for a strong leader - a Tsar - even a Putin. http://www.slate.com/id/2141640/ Once we get into the mind of the Russian people, we can begin to understand why their leaders [Putin] behave as they do. Behind all the dust being kicked up, there remains the serious issue of the War on Terror. In spite of the public image, both the Russians, the Chinese and the West are working closely on this problem. Trust me, I'm a spy. . . . Как только мы получаем в разум русских людей, мы можем начать понимать почему их руководители [Путин] поступают по мере того как они делают. За всей пылью будучи пинанными вверх, остает серьезная проблема войны с террором. Несмотря на общественное изображение, оба русского, китайцы и запад работают близко на этой проблеме

This could probably lead to a Nuclear War. The US sending in warplanes with humanitarian supplies could very well be mistaken for an act of aggression while Russia is still at war. What will happen if a US warplane was shot down, we will either lose face or go to war with Russia, because eventually it will come to that.

Michael P
Very doubtful. As for the UK, maybe, maybe not.

Kitty Kat
My country (the U.S.) will not go to war with Russia any time soon, I don't think. If we did, a lot of people would die and I don't think any of us wants that to happen.

You better pray that it doesn't come to that because if it dose we're DOOMED DOOMED!

John O
NO things have changed since the last ww countries talk alot more now and it would only happen if one of them done something stupid and then were rightly fu-cked


Kg M
They still have a lot of nukes,and a crazy president just like ours.Welcome to Armageddon.

If the USA went to war with Russia, Iran would say thank you very much and invade Iraq. The President is about to become a part of history so war before the next US election isn't going to happen. America can't use nukes in Europe without the rest of the neighbouring countries becoming involved, where as Russia will use them to defend the motherland. If America had the land forces available, China is highly unlikely to sit by while America takes up position on its border. Bush? Like father, like son:0(

Cocoa LaRue
No. There will be no winner. Russia wants control of the old Soviet Block and we want control/influence over the U.S, Israel and oil baring Middle Eastern countries. Russia has oil so they could care less about the ME. The old USSR is cold and uptight so the US could care less about them. EU, Canada, Australia and New Zelend are just happy to be ignored. Africa will implode on itself. Eastern Asia and South America have their own problems. So as long as everyone is happy with the agreed upon script thier will be no WW3.

No. If that happens there will be no world left! It's way too risky.

I am tired...
there will be a WW3...its when the Christians go to heaven and teh devil tries to take over the world and the people who dont belive in God will follow the devil because he will charm them into his beiliefs (what an evil guy) and then EVERYONE will have a second chance to ask jesus into their lives and belive in God and that is the only second chance they will get. after that everyone else who is on teh earth will go to hell...

well i hope they do there has been no good news storys in the last wile

no never, i cant think of a situation where the benefits would outweigh the costs

I , a Bolshevik
No, European Union Imperialism is not supporting US Imperialism . Russia already promised a source of Oil and Gas for EU. US Imperialism is alone ( well not completely alone, US has the support of Poland . Kosovo and Albania).

No not anytime soon. Too many people are worried about another war going on. The only way the US and Russia would go to war is if Russia attacked the US or one of our long standing allies. Vet-USAF

are there any reasons for those countries to go to war????? it seems as if where oil is U.S. is putting its nose in there.... I think it would be just stupid to go to war just because some dweebs on the internet think the world is ending!!!!

Daniel K
Probably not over Georgia, but it will damage our relationship with them but Putin does not care.

It's That Guy
No. Russia doesn't threaten us now and likely never really did. Either the US or Russia invading the other country would destroy both countries. There could be no winner in a war like that, so why fight it? If Russia decided to take over all of Europe, well that would be different. We will let them have Georgia, as we already did once before. It's too bad for the people of Georgia, but it doesn't threaten our interests or our national security.

if they do go to war uk will follow the uk has become america's b!tch its hard to be proud to be a brit atm :( maybe ww3 were all ready at war in the east with iraq etc but i dont think it will be anywere near as bad as 1 and 2

Zachary S
No. The US and Russia will not go to war. At least not any time soon. And all of NATO will be involved. NATO vs Warsaw basically.

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