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Will my son be sent to fight in the war if he is an only child going into the Marines in August?
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Will my son be sent to fight in the war if he is an only child going into the Marines in August?

We have been told since he is an only child, that he will not be sent to fight, but I am worried about it anyway. He is going to be a Marine, if there is a need for soldiers, how do know this rule will keep him out.

My husband is the only male child and his father died when he was 11 he still gets deployed.

Incorrectly Political
He may very well fight. I'm an only son, and I was sent to Iraq in a combat arms MOS. The "only child" or "only son" rule applies only in the event of a draft.

Oh Susan.....

Why on earth would anyone join the Marines, take the government tax payers money, get the training, carry the gun, impress the girls with the dress uniform and then not expect to actually go and fight alongside his colleagues.

Let me be clear to everyone here ....YES he will be going to fight, he will get shot at and he will be expected to shoot at other people with the intention of killing them if required.


He wasnt drafted, he is a volunteer.

He is part of a unit of men who have to rely on and trust each other implicitly, a band of brothers if you like. How great would it be for morale if before they were actually sent to do what they joined up for some were taken out of the unit because they are an only child.

What on earth did he think they wanted him to do with the gun they gave him if he wasnt going to be deployed anywhere?

I fully support the military, and hope to god our boys prevail in their mission and return safe, but I am stunned by people who think that you can be trained to kill or be killed and then choose not to go.

I hope your son returns safe, and all his colleagues and I hope that other people read this and only join the military if they have thought it through and understand what it means.

P.S if he is only going into the Marines (front line war fighting unit)in August presumably he and you were aware that there was a war going on before he joined?

The 'only child' rule does not apply to him because he volunteered for military service.

Yes, he can be sent to fight. Why is your child any more precious than anyone else's? I don't mean to be cold, but that's how it is.

Ryan B
OK to respond directly to the question and not insert asinine comments about How Evil Bush is, The Answer is Yes he can be sent to fight. Because he voluntarily enlisted. The Myth/Policy about the only son reprieve applies to a draft. Your son could not be forced to go to an active combat zone if he, is the only living male of his blood line and is also the only one who is able to bear children, in other words if your husband was still alive and able to have another son there would be some wiggle room, for the government to say that if your Son was lost in battle that you husband could possibly create another son.
Feel free to E-mail me if you have any further questions.

John H
That's a myth. Who told you that? A recruiter?

Just Me
Yes, he can be sent anywhere (including the Middle East). Once he signs the papers, he really belongs to the government. The government will send him to where they need him. My best advice is to prepare yourself that he will likely be deployed.

MP US Army
Whoever told you that is not telling the truth.

only sole survivors have the option not to go. If his older brother died in the war (not in a car accident or never born) would he be able to serve and not go to war. And even then only if they both served at the same time.

If one son serves and then dies and the next son (sole surviving) joins he has to go to war.

Did the recruiter tell u he won't fight? Don't believe them. I'm triing to get out of the Delayed Entry Program and go tot the army because the Marines are telling me a bunch of BS.

¤§ Dãrkness Wãnderer §¤
My husband is an only child. he has been in the military for over 11 yrs. in that time he has been to 5 middle eastern countries...including iraq. i dont know who told you that...but they are mistaken.
there is no favoritism in the military...(among the enlisted).

List P
Of course he will.
George Bush has daugheters, not sons.

I always say that the fat old politicians who start wars should be assigned to the front lines. I am sorry for you, since you fear to lose your only child, but he is an adult and made the choice. There's nothing you can do but pray for him.

de rak
God bless him for serving. Best wishes for him. I believe in God, and since I do, I know that God already knows the death of all of us, and we cannot escape that. We will all die based on when God wants us to die. But I hope your son survives and lives a long life.

High On Life
why trust the government? The safest thing would be to send him to another country until the need or worry of need of soldiers is over. But if you want to know, you might want to check the Marines website, or contact them

mike t
he will have to fight just like everone else.hes a marine not a
wuss.he can ask his commander for a hardship and explain to them hes a only male child then they might let him out of it.
but there were brothers in vietnam and ww2 that WAS KNEE
DEEP IN THE WAR there was a lot of familys that didnt come back 4 sons with the same name lost all in the same day.
at utah beach.believe what u want but he voluntered to be a marine so that makes him one so off to the fighting we go
and with gods speed beneath you,you young wild hearted
american boys and remeber kill them before they kill u
semper fi

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