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Would a Warrant Officer answer to a lieutenant?
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Would a Warrant Officer answer to a lieutenant?

Because I know one is an officer rank, but its the one of the lowest why, a W.O is the highest.

Officers outrank enlisted men and Warrant officers, A 2nd Lt outranks a WO but would not be placed in a position where he is in direct command of a WO because of the jobs they do. A Lt in the British Army would be a platoon Commander and a WO1 would typically be a Regimental Sergeant Major. You asked a similar question about Lts and Cpls, A Cpl would be one of 4 section commander in the Lt's Platoon

Wired up
An LT has to answer to a private as a Colonel would to a general, rank and bar isn't reason not to answer someone when spoken to. Rank is about communication not just rank structure, they aren't mind readers

technically any officer outranks a warrant officer. this is similar to the fact that technically a 2nd LT actually out ranks the command sgt major. Real life: a smart young officer isn't going to pull rank on someone who is more experienced like a warrant officer or a high ranking enlisted. most warrant officers were high ranking enlisted personal at least an e-5 if not an e-7

My dad is a warrant, and yes he has to salute Lieutenants. But because of the fact that warrant officers are experts in their field, they have expert authority. Meaning generally the lieutenants have to ask them what to do. So no, most of the time my dad's warrants just tell the LT's to go F themselves. W.O.L.F. Warrant Officer Liberation Front And btw, Yes Warrants can hold commands. There are certain units, especially in Intel jobs, that are almost entirely warrants and senior enlisted. Right now my dad is acting Company commander, as his CO is on leave, and in the past he was the OIC for the G2 SIGINT shop. So yes they can hold commands. Warrants are generally treated with the same perks as RLOs. ie: W01-CW2=company grade officer CW3-CW5=Field Grade officer. So basically once you hit CW5 you get that nifty COL parking spot.

MSG Brad
Yes, no and maybe. Warrant Officer and Commission Officer rank systems do not over lap. The commissioned officer would normally be placed in placed in command of a unit, and if the lieutenant was the commander, the warrant office would answer to him/her. Warrant officers can be placed in command, and if in command of a unit the lieutenant would answer to him/her but if the lieutenant asked nicely, the warrant officer would answer. The enlisted ranks would answer to either. Warrant Officers do not normally hold unit commands because their warrant is normally awarded for specialty skills: Aviation, Medicine, Communications, Law Enforcement, ETC, and their they are more valuable working in that skill than the commissioned officer. Think of WO and the CO as equal but different and respecting the other for their role in defending our nation from the bad guys wanting to do us harm.

The answer, at least in the US is yes. A Lieutenant is a commissioned officer. The purpose of a Warrant Officer is to acknoledge an enlisted person/non-commissioned officer, with exceptional knowledge in a particular specialty (in aviation is very common). However, several branches have moved away from WOs, the Air Force did away with the rank in the 1980s. An officer, is a generalist, someone who does not possess exceptional job knowledge in any one specific area rather, has a broader skillset. Yes, a lieutenant is still very junior, and their knowledge is developing, but in the highest traditions of the military, a Lieutenant is ultimately responsible for everything their charge does or fails to do, therefore, is superior to a Warrant Officer.

magic man
Almost never would a warrant officer be under a lieutenant in the chain of command. A lieutenant does out rank a warrant officer. However, the chances of one "answering to" a lieutenant is remote. A friend of mine who was KIA in Vietnam was a co-pilot on Huey that was piloted by one.

English & Proud
yes he would after sergeant its colour sergeant then its warrant officer2( company sergeant major) warrant officer 2(quarter master sergeant) warrant officer1(regimental sergeant major) warrant officer1(warrant officer class1) second lieutenant lieutenant

HOOAH! MP Veteran
Both are officer rank. Yet a Lieutenant outranks a Warrant Officer. That being said, a Chief Warrant Officer 4 has much more experience than the Second Lieutenant, and the 2LT would do well to listen to the CW4.

D.B. Cooper
I was a Second Lt. Those who wear a single bar (warrants, Ensigns, 2nd, 1st, and Jr. Grade LTs) were the only people I didn't have to salute, or return a salute. For the most part, we treated warrant officers and high ranking enlisted as equals. The only ranks lower than me, but I treated as superiors, were E9s, W4s,and W5s. Now, if you are referring to the rank of "Lieutenant" (no 2nd, 1st, or Junior Grade), then that is a pay grade O3 in the Navy and Coast Guard, and is definately higher than a warrant officer. Often, when a warrant officer is commissioned, he is usually appointed to the O3 rank, and gets to skip O1 and O2. The main true difference between a warrant officer and commissioned officer position is that a commissioned officer, getting promoted, is taking a command position. A warrant officer essentially holds a company grade position, but his experience and expertise is too valuable, and he is allowed to concentrate soley on his technical field, often aviation, communication, medic (but not an MD), and vehicle maintenance. A helicopter pilot, W4, has over 20 years experience, but as a warrant, he does not have to become a squadron commander. If he desires, THEN he seeks a commission. A commissioned officer helicopter pilot, 20 years service, must also attend courses such as Command & Staff, and eventually the War College. He is taking a greater responsibility, and would like to have as many W4s under his command due to them knowing everything there is to know about aircraft. I was a Field Artillery commissioned officer. They have to serve time in a firing battery, a fire direction center, a fire support team, and as an executive officer, before promotion to Captain. Among the requirements to be a Field Artillery Warrant Officer, one must achieve the rank of E5 or higher in an enlisted Field Artillery MOS. The Field Artillery Warrant Officer W1 and W2 is only concerned with the Fire Finding Radar, and is the only one in a battalion. A W3 or W4 is the only one in a regiment. The warrants were clumped with the Lieutenants when duty assignments, like regiment level CQ, were handed out. Of course, many warrants manage to complete their degrees, and can seek commissions. Other than that, I hope I pointed out the main differences between the two types of officers.

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