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Would the U.S. military turn on U.S. citizens?
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Would the U.S. military turn on U.S. citizens?

If the Commander in Chief gave the order, would the army shoot and kill the american people, even if they werent shooting.

Yes. They did it once and they'll do it again if they need to. Now we think the idiot is one of the greatest Presidents we ever had...

This is a huge possibility even TODAY. As we speak, the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team are stationed in Fort Stewart, GA where they have been trained after extensive combat in Iraq to "help people at home."

Make no mistake, their purpose is to maintain national defense security and if that ever got compromised enough that the President had to issue an order, these men and women would be already trained to carry out those orders.

And they would do it.

In the event of a rebellion it is possible. We had a Parliament before we had a congress. thing can turn ugly real quick.as we seen in one september.

Every member of the military must swear in before they are in the military. What they swear is that they will defend the constitution against any enemy foreign or DOMESTIC. If the president insured this order he would be the enemy, unless there is a necessary reason for killing the civilians.

Scott R
The correct answer is probably, as it has happend before.

The protests at Kent State peaceful? Better get you a history book that wasn't written by Abby Hoffman or Angela Davis.

The protestors there tried to burn down a building and threw rocks at NG troops with firearms. Not too bright by any standard.

Reminds me of those stupid Palistinian people teaching their kids to throw rocks at Israeli troops, then wondering why they get beaten or shot.

I am retired military and would say that no such order would be given. For a military service member acting in the capacity of law enforcement, we must have and escalation of force that hit triggers that endanger our lives before we pull our weapon to shoot. An angry , unarmed civilian is not just cause to use deadly force.

They have been used in the past as strike breakers , to run the railroads and in the 1920's the Bonus Marchers slaughter and breakup of there ther camps in Washington DS was overran by a group under the command of, Douglas McArthur (future General McArthur)
This was all done under the orders of the President


KENT STATE. Buckwheat wouldn't mind turning the guns on his opponents.

I think if you had a situation like Hurricane Katrina where the Nat'l Guard was brought in, they might take action to defend themselves if civilians were taking up arms against them; but I highly doubt that 1) the President would ever give that order and 2) that the military would do anything more than they needed to defend themselves.

But even in the chances of a situation like that coming up are raaaaare because everyone involved in the gov't and military knows what a political nightmare it would be if something like this were to happen.

the only reason us soldiers would fire on us citizens is if those citizens were threatening to harm the soldiers, in which in my eyes i would start shooting since its me or them.

I asked a similar question on another site and most military said they would follow orders.

Yak Rider
No. I can tell you that it won't happen.

It's happened before. Look up Jackson State or Kent State where peaceful protesters were killed by soldiers. Many more were beaten and arrested, Many had their constitutional rights "suspended." There is a strong tendency in American culture to brand anyone who disagrees with you as "the enemy." It's a short distance from there to killing them. Just read the vicious opinions expressed here about other Americans.

Not likely.
They would be shooting there mothers, and fathers.

no because the military is made up of citizens after these guys and gals get out of the service they go back into their community normally. and most join because they love their country why would they kill a fellow countrymen?

The Hat

The president would be impeached, and the military would not carry out that order.

I highly doubt it.

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