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airforce officer neck tattoos?
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airforce officer neck tattoos?

i want to go to the airforce rotc program to be a officer but i have a tatto on mi neck.. i know it affects enlisted but does it affect officers to???

Darren Domtar
Do you have "private" tattoos??!!!

I think the Beret the armed forces uses now just looks a little sissy to be honest. I was drafted in 68 and served in the infantry VN 101 Abn div Camp Evans base camp. It just reminds me of a girls brownie troup. sorry.

Desert Marine
To be honest, I have never seen an officer with a tattoo. They are educated men and women and probably too mature to get those things.

Officers have a higher standard for joining than enlisted. If your neck tattoo disqualifies you from joining the Air Force enlisted it will disqualify you from being an officer as well. At this point, you have two options: get it removed or try the Army. The first option will vary in cost depending on where you live but I've seen places that can remove tattoos for as low as $200 (will probably be more depending on the size). If you take option 2 it will only work if your tattoo is either in the back of your neck or on the side behind the ear lobe. If it's in front of the ear lobe it will require a waiver and if it's too far in front of the ear lobe (you can see it in a photo of your face) you will not get a waiver.

No tattoos above the collar bone. Officers are held to a higher standard than enlisted, so that's a definite no. Try the Army or USMC, they may be more lenient.

Al Bundy Jr.
Laser removal works! Officers should be role models, set the standards!

I used to be an E in the Air Force and do remember that it was not acceptable to have a tattoo on your neck. It should be the same for an O. What officer would have any credibility if they enforce a rule for the enlisted people that they themselves do not follow.

Shannon C
of course. If you can't be enlisted with a neck tattoo, why would they let you be an officer with one. I have met LOTS of soldiers with ink on their fingers, hands, necks, etc. but I have NEVER seen an officer with ink that is visible in uniform

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