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anyone regret joining NAVY?
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anyone regret joining NAVY?

i know whats with all the navy questions i love the navy i come from a navy family

Bill S
I do not regret ever enlisting the NAVY. There is good and bad in everything you do, but there is a difference in a military person, or a Vet. It's hard to describe. You can look back on your life and know you have made a difference in at least one person's life, and in history.

Kunwar Singh
I do not have words to express my joy of serving the Navy for 15 years and Merchant Navy for another 8 years. Because of the Navy, I have been able to visit all continents on earth during my sailing days as a Merchant Navy Officer. Navy has taught me to be disciplined, honest and skillful to survive on earth. Also, I am lucky to be known as ex-serviceman holding a strong back ground after having served the nation in safeguarding its territory. Also, there is pension and other facilities provided by the Government. The Government quota given to us for our children's admission is highly commendable. I salute all who join the Navy to safeguard their country. I am proud to be a Navy family and will never regret having joined the Navy.

I know your asking about the Navy but I join the Army, and if they are the same then allow me to answer. I joined the service in 2000 and I am seriously getting out when my time ends. I don't regret anything cause it is a great experience and I know for sure its not for me.

I regret it from a financial standpoint, but not from a patriotic and experience standpoint.

It would have helped if I would of went into the IT Rating for financial stability.


At times, sure I regretted it. But the experience as a whole was great!

regret NO WAY! I joined streight out of High School, boot camp, then to A school, went to BUDs and washed out the last day of hell week. went to a ship and to the first gulf war, saw many places and had a ship collision at sea, Lived in Singapore for 6mo, and apon returning to Pearl tried BUDs again, yes Its worth it, thats all I will say about that, placed with a SDV unit then with a SWTAB unit, Got out of active duity, went to reserves with a ASU unit then finished up with a SeaBee unit.
RULE one in life (you make it so make it good)
People say NAVY (never again volunteer yourself) B.S. You learn to Volunteer first to get a task you can do and not be given a task to do. It shows you will take a challange and do your best and it will be noted. Bravo Zulu My Friends, and Anchors Away.

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