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can a marine who switch branches after going though boot camp and SOI, and go into the army?
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can a marine who switch branches after going though boot camp and SOI, and go into the army?

My boyfriend is a Marine. But after going through only the little of his triaing, he doesn't like it and wants to switch into the Army. Can he?

rick m
The short answer as the others have pointed out is no. He has to complete his contract. However, it reminded me of one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. When I was a week into Bootcamp, the "hammer DI" Sgt Favre, came onto the quarterdeck after a particularly long day with plenty of trips to the "rose garden". In a very understanding tone of voice, he told us that not every-one was cut out to be a Marine, perhaps we had made a mistake in signing up for his beloved Corps. The problem was, we had all signed military contracts. However, he kindly pointed out, there were several other branches of the military. If any-one would like to sign-up for an "inter-service transfer", they should take one step forward. Three kids took the step. Sgt Favre asked which service they preferred, and nicely told them to stand by the DI Hut at the end of the deck. He then joined them and proceeded to practically "stroke-out" like a rabid dog while he mountain-climbed and PT'ed them nearly to death, using words to the effect that the young gentlemen had seriously maligned the honor and dignity of his Beloved Marine Corps, and he would be very happy for the following 11 weeks to ensure they recieved the proper motivation. The rest of us almost peed our pants trying not to laugh. Thanks for bringing back that wonderful memory ! Semper Fi

Awwww, harder then he thought huh? Well he signed up for the Marines, he'll stay with the Marines through his contract. Tell him to grow some balls and stop being a baby. He wanted to be part of the best, he has to train the hardest. To late to wimp out.

glen w
I started my career in 1982 as a Marine. I am now in the Army NG. My advice would be to stick with it and do his tour, then switch if he still wants to. You have to have an extremely good reason to transfer before they will consider you. If you "don't like it", they aren't going to be sympathetic. Just the opposite, actually. And the training and discipline he will get in the Marines will help him all through life, especially if he does decide to switch branches later. If he decides to just get out after, then he has the right to call himself a Marine for the rest of his life. Not many of us can do that. Either way, he can try, but I seriously doubt they will let him. He is better off sticking it out.

The only thing he might have a chance at is the air force as they are attached-but I don't think so. Its a legal contract. Did he not understand this? Perhaps its Where in the Marines he's not happy-

He has to complete his years in the marines that he already signed up for. After his time is done he can switch to the Army. Unfortunetly...the only other way is if he gets chaptered out of the marines (honorable...not dishonorable) and then just goes to an army recruiter and joins up that way. He wont have to go through boot camp again i dont think. I reccomend that he goes and talks to his chaplain. They will be able to give him advice about what to do. Or he can just go talk to an army recruiter and find out if they have any way he can switch..but i dont think there is.

Navy Sailor - GAI
Yes as soon as he is done with his first enlistment in the Marines. The military isn't like shopping at the mall, there isn't a return policy. He read and signed a legal contract with the Marines. He will be a Marine for at laest 4 years, then he can get out and try the Army if he still wants to. He needs to just get with the Marine program, the Army isn't going to be much different than what he is already doing.

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