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can anyone tell me what year national service ended?
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can anyone tell me what year national service ended?

National Service was from 1948 to 1963. My Army Career was from 1957 to 1965 - boy soldier and regular etc. National Service. 1948 - 1963. Did you serve as a National Serviceman? It is now 40 years since the last National Serviceman returned. to civvy street. ... www.36regimentra.org.uk/id817.htm [PDF] Lads Army - the story of National ServiceFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat was the last British National Serviceman to be demobbed on. 16 May 1963. The end of National Service marked a significant change in ... http://www.wythit.com/Sites/wythit/Objects/PDF/NationalService-Factsheet.pdf Conscription in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHowever, the last National Serviceman was Lieutenant Richard Vaughan of the Royal ... In the UK, the end of National Service coincided with the rise of Pop ... http://www.en.wikipedia.org/?title=National_Service Should just make it clear to everyone not to confuse 'conscription' [war-time call up] with National Service.

robert c
The last people to be called up was in 1960!

Aj Smith
UK-1960 USA-1973

December 1960.


Veronica Alicia
Even after you had finished your National Service, you were still a "Reservist" till you were 40, so although the Service finished in 1960 it hung over you that you were in line for "call-up" as a trained soldier.

National service ended in 1960 it was originally called conscription but changed to National service in 1948, I hope that answer your question

It was actually 1960!

The last people to be enlisted for National Service in the UK were signed up in November 1960 and discharged in May 1963


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