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can i join the army with hypothyroidism?
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can i join the army with hypothyroidism?

Yes you can because it can be controlled by medication. There are many people in the Military with this medical condition and dont realize it. I was diagnosed in my 17th year with it, and i was surprised. Needless to say i continued my service until i retired last year. You might need a medical waiver, but i doubt it. Good luck to you..

AR 40-501
Chapter 2
Physical Standards for Enlistment, Appointment, and Induction

2-8. Endocrine and metabolic disorders

h. Thyroid disorders.

(1) Current goiter (240) is disqualifying.

(2) Current hypothyroidism uncontrolled by medication (244) is disqualifying.

(3) Current or history of hyperthyroidism (242.9) is disqualifying.

(4) Current thyroiditis (245) is disqualifying.

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