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can woman go into the special forces (green berets or snipers) branch of the army?
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can woman go into the special forces (green berets or snipers) branch of the army?

No women are not allowed an special forces jobs in any branch.Women are not allowed in any combat MOS.

a lady
women aren't allowed in combat mos in the US military, it's actually law not just policy, only congress can modify it

Funky Chicken
not in the united states, in other countries yes. you can become a MP that is pretty close to combat, or cross the boarder to canada lol j/k

Polly Pocket
what country, in mine women can join infantry, in USA no.

Those are combat MOSs...females are explicitly excluded from it. Those guys engage in direct combat with the enemy. But, you CAN go as military police. Women are not excluded, and they do see combat. Not as much as infantry or SpecOps...but it's more likely than an admin or cook would.

the man in the bunny mask!
USA army no. Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Spain, Norway, Germany are the countries women can join in ALL areas of the military just the other day a girl from one of these countries was asking about joining infantry

cassie L
NO! If women aren't allowed in infantry why would they be allowed in special forces?

In the US Army? No. Those jobs have a female exclusion policy.

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