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can you get a higher rank in the US Army Green Berets than colonel?
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can you get a higher rank in the US Army Green Berets than colonel?

In Apocalypse Now, captain Willard said Kurtz joined the Green Berets, but he knew he'd never get above the rank of colonel. why is that?
please be detailed, and explain some other branches of the US Military too.

In real life you can. Gen. McCrystal was an Army Special Forces solder (Green Beret). Don't go by a story line or script- the majority of it is BS. In other branches you can be in special operations and rank up as well.

It's a movie. At that time Special Forces officers were not just Special Forces officer like they are now with their own MOS. Most would only be Special Forces for a short time in their career than go back to a regular army position. They might very well return to Special Forces later, but it wasn't a career path back then.

General Henry Hugh Shelton climbed through the ranks and made four star General and was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997 to 2001.

Apocalypse Now, while a good movie, was inaccurate in many respects. That being said...at that time Special Forces was not a separate branch, as it is now, but a specialty that was seen by many conventional Commander's as a drain on resources and good personnel.

In fact until 9-11 this view was still held by many conventional Commander's as a drain from the focus which was aimed at fighting the Soviets in a massive land war on the European continent.

That being said a Special Forces Officer stands as good as chance of making General as any other.

No, a Green Beret can attain zero rank and has absolutely no propensity to move through any rank structure, of any kind. Being that it is a piece of headgear, it is no better then a patrol cap.

That being said, a Special Forces officer (18A) has ZERO restriction to rank and is only limited by his motivation and choices throughout his career. Like any element though it IS restricted though MTOE requirements, as it would not make sense to have 5 Colonels in one detachment covering a small amount of teams.

Furthermore, movies are movies. They are not to be taken as fact....Just a note.

he figured he would die before then

You MOS or job doesn't stop you from going higher in Rank

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