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can you join the military if youve been in a mental institution?
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can you join the military if youve been in a mental institution?

if you've been inpatient in a psych ward and the diagnose you with something like bi polar disorder, can you still join the military ?

Yea, just say you are a republican and they will understand. They will definitely put a gun in your hands.


No. I don't think so. They'd worry about you snapping in combat and going 'crazy'.

No you are Permanently DQ'd...for LIFE

Troy S
Nope, that's one of the reasons why the Army wouldn't take that guy who shot up the crowd with the congresswoman in it.

NO but possible. That was my dream until i went into one. Especially if you have the type where you need medcines. Hmm you would have to find a secret way to get your meds.Letters perhaps or packaging. I'm the type that will be succussful no more matter the cost at something. I'm not going to tell you secret ways AND methods and skills you have to learn. i want to go peacefully, legally and honorable. hiding your illness would be easy if you plan everything right. You must be incrediblely willful and smart to do this. They let people smoke mujhana in the army and drugs geez. The meds sap your strength period and that's why it's hard to become one. I give you one advise you have to be willing to recover all the time period 24/7. In your sleep, learning to be mentally healthly or give up. there's no problem after 5 years of coming out of a mental institution that they'll give you a gun (depending on your case). I can't join but i gave you secrets that i been thinking about. Trying to think of a master plan. oh yeah it's not true that it's impossible for this or that either. man can find any cure if he wants. If a man says it's impossible you know right away he lacks knowledge you'll find out why. sigh it gets complicated. in summary if you take meds... your like 5% or 10% very low.

edit: I agree with troy. ignore some stuff i said earlier but it is never impossible for any diease to not heal. It just requires a lot of faith and damn time depending on your case or where your at... the reason why people know people have mental health because of technologly and advanced science and now i think the miltary made the best option to improve their soilders mental health by not selecting them until futhur notice. The best option for your friend is not to go miltary and spitually heal your self that is the number thing i am doing that i seek every day. But it gets tougher as you face people who spirtually weaker than you give you problems. People that don't believe in spirtual healing are poisoning themselves as they speak. If you turn to god he is not a magic gene and people keep thinking that because of religion and you have to go beyond just religion. beyond the fact people are treating you like outcast. But that's the dangerous part. If you continue to feed negative emotion, you would never get closer to your goal and one thing you have to get past the fact if you wanted to be a miltary person which i haven't done yet. you have to let it go. But just know they might find a artifial cure and hope it will cure many mental dieases not just bipolar.

Technically yes, but in short no. You could join (I joined) with a mental illness such as Depression or something of that nature. I was in a hospital for it about a year before I joined, but it was more of a situational depression. I didn't tell the people at MEPS about it because as long as you stick to your story your entire enlistment and don't need a Top Secret Clearance, they can never find out it was Existing Prior To Service (EPTS). I lied about mine because I KNEW it would NEVER affect me again, but many people aren't as fortunate. With a diagnose of Bi Polar Disorder it is nearly 100% certain this will affect you again in the future. If it does and they find out you lied at MEPS, they will give you a dishonorable discharge if it happens after training. If it happens during training they will most likely just give you an ELS and a discharge reentry Code of 4, which means you can never again re-enlist. The only way you will be able to get in though, is if you did lie at MEPS. Otherwise, it's not going to happen.

PLEASE with a diagnosis of Bi Polar DO NOT try to enlist! It will either result in you or worse yet, a friend being killed in combat or a tense situation.

Haj K
You can't join the military if you've been diagnosed with bi polar disorder.
Sometimes they'll allow people to join if they've only been in a mental hospital for something like depression, but things like cutting, suicide attempts, etc. are permanent disqualifications

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