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can you serve 2 years in the marines?
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can you serve 2 years in the marines?

I know in the army you can sign up for a 2 year enlistment. So can you do the same thing for the marines? I am only asking because I plan on going to college after and then enlist again after I graduate. My friends brother did this but hes in the army. So I was just wondering if the same this is possible for marines.

USMC San Deigo here I come!
NO. For anyother question call 1800 MARINES

Yak Rider
No. 4 years active followed by 4 years IRR.

As far as I know right now the minimum for any enlistment is four years. But there is also a period of time after your end of active service where you're in what's called the individual ready reserve. During this time you aren't obligated to participate in any military training or events but can be called back to active duty if the military needs more personnel to fulfill its mission.

Very simple, go to your phone book, look up us government listing, call the recruiting office, ask. I don't mean to seem sarcastic, but you should know that the fastest way to the correct response is to just call them. I don't know what town you live in, but it should not be difficult to find the recruiters.

Yes. Depending on whether you were draafted or enlisted. Usually just if you are drafted. My husband is retired Recon Marine and says normally if you are enlisted it is 4. Check with your local Marine recruiter for more detailed info! Oorah!

no lie
why not

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