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chinas military ever be better than americas?
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chinas military ever be better than americas?

will chinas military ever be better than americas?

paul s
probably not no. Their military is about 20 years behind the US at the moment in terms of equipment and technology (although in areas such as missiles, mobile artillery and counter-survallence it is very good) the problem is the Chinese army is so big, the vast bulk of its troops are poorly equipped, poorly trained and also as importantly poorly lead, (they simply can not produce enough good quality officers in the numbers needed) their mobile units suffer from poor maintenance and upkeep of equipment which results in large numbers of tanks apc's etc being out of service at anyone time with mechanical breakdowns. The navy is tiny and can not operate far from home bases as there is simply no support fleet to cover it. The air force is large and has several good jets but also suffers from poor maintenance practises (in part due to many ground crew being poorly trained conscripts who will not be the best people to deal with jet engines and high tech kit. as such again large numbers will be out at anyone time due to mechanical faults. so you can see for China to get into the same league as the US and other 1st rate militaries it has considerable work to do.

They can't wipe us out for at least five years....-Tom Lehrer

who says America IS better at anything except starting Wars WW2 Cold War Vietnam Iraq Afghanistan ???????

Currently, China has a good military to defend their nation, but they do not have the logistical capability to project their military power to other regions of the world like the United States does. Since some nations have nuclear weapons, China can not mass huge armies and sweep across huge areas of land around them. The Nukes would devastate their massed armies. Another important point is the American soldier fights for freedom and liberty, both for his family and country. The Chinese soldier fights only because he is told to, unless his country is invaded, in which case he fights for his country. China can not invade the USA, nor could the USA invade China successfully. It's a draw.

Yak Rider
No. Not unless China's political system changes.

Not in the next 50 years unless the U.S. experiences some sort of catastrophic decline.

In this world of ours everything is possible if given enough time.

yes, i believe china's military will EVENTUALLY surpass America... maybe within the next 20 years as of now, China is the world's largest military however, their technology isnt the most advanced nor is their training overall the numbers r good, but more time should be spent on their training

Henry J
it's debatable that it is. in personnel, they outnumber us by a lot (i'd have to check my numbers). Technologywise, its sort of an opinion question, but i think we have better technology. and more nukes.

Eventually one day. But not now.

my spanish teacher told us it would and we would be bowing down but i am not quite sure

probably in many years, 'cuz they got so many people.

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