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do i need to be able to swim to join the navy?
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do i need to be able to swim to join the navy?

devils advo
in the immortal words of the village people "but but but im afraid of water!" they want you in the naaaaaveee!

It does help if the ship you are on Sinks. But in the navy you will be taught to swim so dont worry.

You do not say what navy. When I joined the British Royal Navy in 1972 I could not swim, it was 2years before I passed the Naval Swimming Test while my ship was in Hong Kong. I think that to join now you have to be able to swim. The ability to swim has only been part of your naval career since the late 1800's when navy's brought in propeller driven ships, as in the days of sail it could take a sailing ship a day to vere round and it was impossible to find you in the water most of the time it was better if you could not swim. Now with small motor driven boats you can be picked up within a few minutes, the time in the water is also important as if you go into the water in say the Artic ocean it could be only 10 minutes before you die from the cold, the nearer to the equator the longer the time.

Alistair D
no but you need to be able to fly

Doctor Deathrow
not just swimming but you need to know how to drown as well as you might have a enemy ship coming towards you on sea level

Dr. AjC ā™¨
Yes, you have to pass the Third Class Swim Test in boot camp. It consists of the following: -Jump from a 10 foot platform into the water feet first. (Actually, really fun. Just pinch your nose.) -Swim 50 meters using any swim stroke you like. -Prone float for 5 minutes. (Tread water) -Demostrate the ability to use you clothing to stay afloat. (Which involves "smacking" the water to force air into your coveralls.) Not hard at all. Remedial swimming class is offered in boot camp to weak swimmers.

j sizzle

4 more months
Yes, if you're out at sea, which the Navy is, you're going to have to know how to swim.

Yes you do, it's part of the basic training and they will teach you if you can't, you will find that answer and many others under my source. Ignore the sarcastic comments, it wasn't always the case but it is now a requirement.

Well, yea. it is the navy. and at navy boot camp you will be tested in Swimming. its the navy. Navy=water!

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