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do infantrymen carry whistles while on patrol?
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do infantrymen carry whistles while on patrol?

To the wreath or what every you id was you are in the Air Force there is NO Infantry in the AF period. I am so sick of those AF cops saying that they are Infantry. Anyway yes once in awhile during training we would use a whistle as a signal. It was usually a second to last resort right before sending a runner.

We still carry whistles but that comes across from our police background. to the guy below me, Calm the frack down man, If you see my post you will see that nowhere did I say that I was infantry. However, when USAF cops say we are infantry we are not saying we are like the army or marine corps infantry, but we are as close to infantry as the USAF has, as in if the USAF needs something done, and they don't know who to task it to, who do they call? That would be us. Sound familiar much? And we are trained in basic infantry skills because that can be a part of our job, we just aren't task specific like an 11B/C


Curtis B
If the democrats get their way and let gays in the military, they might start carrying rape whistles.

Whistles are a very old way of alerting the squad to something -- World War I that I know of, perhaps into WWII or Korea as well. These days, an infantry squad on patrol is likely to have personal communicators -- ear peices and throat mics -- to control operations.

I am a Marine. We carried rifles.

Ira R
It has been 25 years since I got out of the Army and I was in the infantry. At that time we did not carry a whistle. Several things have changed since I served but they have gone high tech, computers, laser sights, gps, etc. I don't think a whistle would be an advance in light of those things.

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