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do you need a GED or High school Diploma to join the navY?
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do you need a GED or High school Diploma to join the navY?

What are the requirements in joining the navy?

Go to the Enlistment section of http://navydads.blogspot.com

High school diploma OR a GED and 15 100 level college credits.

EITHER!!! but the big question is what YOU want ur job to be...either u dont care and jus take a job or for the future to get a career after the navy or continue becuz u enjoy it...ASK ASK ASK...and work up ur asvab score to get the job u want.....also it doesnt hurt to ask for bonuses...though i dont think the offer much except for hard jobs...(smart loser who we hate cuz they dont really do much cuz the press buttons..cough cough submariners cough..lol)

High School diploma With the spike in enlistment, every branch is requiring GED-holders to turn in college transcript with 15-college credits on them (-semester).

Talk to a recruiter. It's their job to tell you what you need to know about joining.

Truth Addict
The Marine Corps only accepts high school graduates. They accept recruits with GEDs only if those candidates have completed at least one semester of college. The Army and Navy are more relaxed, accepting people with GEDs as well as high school diplomas. But I don't think you can enlist in any branch without either. There is not much in life you can accomplish without one or the other. You should work towards achieving one of these if you want to enlist, or to work at a job that will sustain you. Good luck.

killeen texas abn
You need a high school diploma. It's required by every branch of the military.

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