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has there been a war where no one was killed?
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has there been a war where no one was killed?

what was it called, if there was one okay thanks the cold war - dyu no if there are any others aswel to 'Hi I'm Karma? U heard I' have you tried looking up war in a dictionary or do you not know the alphabet well enough to know where 'w' comes. When people ask questions, they generally expect answers, not some snide comment. Maybe you just didn't have enough common sense to work that one out.

Hi I'm Karma? U heard I'
You must be one of those people who lack common sense.

japan was at war with germany during WW1 - neither side lost a single casualty to the other.

YES! In World War 2 Great Britain Declared war on Finland, Not only did the was there no deaths in fighting between Finland and Great Britain there were no attacks between the two nations

I would say there has never even been a peace when someone wasn't killed. I would also offer that the Cold War was never cold. Thousands of people died during the Cold War from combat.

infested by mindworms
well the Strange war, announced by France and Britain against Germany BEFORE France was attacked. The countries were in war yet they did not combat each other. Germans were too busy looting Poland and Czechoslowakia, and French and Britons were fooling themelves that Germans would be appeaced by that prey. At least none of the French and British died during that short lived episode at the dawn of WWII. Note the two countries signed treaties of mutual defense with Czechoslowakia and Poland and other central European countries, just to dump them overboard some time later.

Yeah. My sister declared war on me when we were younger since I kept picking on her. Instead of killing her, I gave her a dutch oven. She survived and lives a happily life today. Other than that, I don't think there was a war without causalities.

I think you or we can only dream that no one has been be killed in a war. Well I saw a dream where a war was going on and no body was killed. Because they fought the war with snow ball.

I don't know if this counts but the united states is still at war with north korea technically. And no one has died since the ceasefire.

Heart of Darkness
I'm not sure why people think that people didn't die as a result of the Cold War. There were numerous proxy wars that took place that were supported by the US and the USSR where people did die. The Korean and Vietnam Conflict, the Soviet war in Afghanistan, and many of the conflicts in the Middle East were a result of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. So to answer your question, no, there has not been a war where no one was killed. That's why it's called a war. ADDED: Technically, there is still an ongoing war between North and South Korea. Even though you may not know about it, incursions along the DMZ are not unusual and people are either hurt or killed as a result. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Demilitarized_Zone#Incursions

I don't think an authentic war can be bloodless, but you can have bloodless coups. Fiji had one a few years ago.

In my home! Almost killed but held back at the last min :-)

...its not a war unless someone gets killed..to me anyways

cold war, though it wasn't really a war.

The Cold War...if you are doing this for homework...dont listen to answer 3 because he will make you wrong

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