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how can i become a mercenary?
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how can i become a mercenary?

Hi I'm interested in becoming a mercenary soldier for hire how can I or can I start my own soilders for hire company and what I required for ethi er

CAV rox
you have to put an add on craigslist or in your local paper then get arrested cause your an idiot its not a game out here war isn't fun kid

Jeff S
Adan's answer is spot on. But to reiterate; "Security Contractors" as we know them are NOT "mercenaries" Look up the definition. Every one of the will tell you the same thing; A person that serves as a combatant FOR A FOREIGN COUNTRY. As American PMCs are not working as combatants for a foreign country, we are not "mercenaries". The media and idiots use that term to make their stories sound more "Oh My!!!!" American contractors PROTECT persons, places and things. We do NOT conduct offensive operations. We are not payed to go hunt down enemy soldiers and kill them. That's what our military does. We DID serve our time in the military. Made pretty low wages and through a PMC, we get the opportunity to take those skills and apply them in a way that serves our nation's interests with a wage that is higher than our active duty Brethren but we don't get the free uniforms, free medical care, college money, tax free shopping or medals, awards or even the respect of the people we are serving. We are like the security guard at your bank or grocery store but we work in extremely hostile environments where people want to kill us just because we are American so we must have the training and experience to use weapons and tactics that are appropriate for the place we are working.

You don't have to be prior special ops, but military or SWAT training is a must. Need real combat experience and training. There are private training courses that civilians can get into, but they are expensive 1-5 thousand, up to 10 thousand for a class. So most people who posted had it right. Join the military, go infantry, and get some experience. Then go to a PMC and talk to them about joining once your enlistment is done. They all usually require atleast 4-6 years experience (that's where your military background comes in play) and it's very competitive. Another way to go is secret service/FBI tactical squad, or SWAT and get some experience that way. They are going to need proof that you have experience (I.E. letters of recommendation, conflicts that you ahve participated in, units you served with, etc...) After all of this and you get in. You do security/ops for a PMC work your way up, then once you get into a managerial position (managing rather then doing the ops first hand) you learn how it works from the background (A lot of licenses are required, permits, etc as well as logistical planning that take alot more to explain then I can write here.) Then once you understand that, you can branch off and create your own PMC. [FYI they don't call themselved mercenaries. search for PMC's]

start off in the military and you would probably have to be spec ops not just some regular training

Jacob M
Most mercenaries are ex-military, but there's no pride in being one. You should serve your country instead of yourself.

I don't know about creating one but to join a PMC you need to be ex-spec ops. I would think you would need to go to the government of where ever you are. FWI - If you really mean this you will probably need funding and special licences, and it is not like CoD or FC2

If you are not ex-military I doubt anyone would be interested in your services and if you have to ask the question it is unlikely you will ever be one. It is a bit like asking " how can I become a brain surgeon"

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