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how do you find out if someone has been in the army?
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how do you find out if someone has been in the army?

A friend of mine's boyfriend says he's been in the army and was discharged how would you be able to find out the truth ? It just seem a bit to fake how he describes it .

ask him what was his MOS or ask him the soldiers creed lol

Todd H
Ask him what his MOS was (military occupational specialty) if his head turns and looks at you like a puppy confused, he's a liar. If he snaps off real quick with the answer, he might be telling the truth.

ask him about EAS (End of Active Service) if he doesnt know hes a faker because it a long awaited day for us...

ask him what the front side of a clay more mine says: Front Toward Enemy

Patrick G
Ask to see his DD214 or just blow it off. He knows the truth and has to live with himself. And for what it's worth, Matt the effective range of an M-16 is 550 meters. The max range is ideally 3600 but nobody cares about the max range. If you are firing that weapon at 3600 meters you are wasting rounds. Not everyone in the military carries an M-16 daily.

Matt H
Ask him what the maximum range of an M-16 is: 3600 Meters. If he doesn't know, he's a fake. I didn't say "effective range"; I said maximum which is a useless bit of information that should have been drilled into any soldiers head. It's also the same for an M-4 and the SAW.

Ask to see his DD214 form, which are his discharge papers. Ask to see photos of him in uniform. Ask to see any awards given to him. If he can't provide atleast one of these...yeah...he's most likely trying to pull your leg. -LIFE

ask them to see their uniform

Ask to see his DD 214, old copies of orders or awards.

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