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how old is too old to re-enlist in the United States military active services. I have three years active duty.
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how old is too old to re-enlist in the United States military active services. I have three years active duty.

I'm 32 and I just re-enlisted

I think the re-enlistment age has been raised to 35. But, when you go to re-enlist, (original branch or a different branch), you are allowed to subtract your years of military service from your age as far as enlistment, in my case 28 years old, minus 5 years active duty = 23.

But, there is always a waver. When I went to boot camp in 1996, a 35 year old father of four got in on an age waver.

As long as you can meet all other requirments, they can issue a medical waver for your age.

It varies by branch last known was 32 but there was talk of a change.

i think after you are 35, they wont let you back in. but it keeps changing, especially in the army where they really need recruits right now. your best bet would be to talk to a recruiter.

This is what I understand: Subtract your active duty years* from your age. If that number is less than 40 you can go. Meaning in your case, you must ship prior to your 43rd birthday, but if it's just a matter of a month or two you can get a waiver. This is Army only. The other services have raised their restrictions somewhat, particularly for reserve/guard (from which you can volunteer to active duty), but I don't know those numbers off hand. Try the link below for best info or direct contact with recruiters.

*(it's a formula for Guard/Res time, which means it starts simple & gets above my math skills fast).

I am currently serving in the US Army.I am NOT a recruiter or an expert on the subject,but here is the current info as of yesterday morning. We have recently raised the initial enlistment age to 40, I think all branchs use the same formula.They subtract your active duty time from your age, and that is your enlistment age. ( example: if you are 43 years old with six years of active duty = your enlistment age is 37).Hope this helps. Best bet contact a recruiter, and be sure of your options,dont just rush back in. Feel free to contact me, I would be more than happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with someone who can.

vicki n
check with the recruiters in your area. But I think 35.

Different services have a different maximum age. Seems like the Air Force has the highest and 30 sounds right (at least for new recruits.)

I think (not positively sure) you have to be under 30 years old or something around there. Contact one of those commercial hotline numbers that you see all the time on the TV and ask them, they should know.

& Go you for helping our people out in a time of need, you are very brave. :)

I believe it is 30 years old now. It used to be 27 years. Ask one of recruiters. They would be able to let you know.

i think its around 30 or so....but with prior service, it may be different....


My world
IAW AR 601-210, dtd 16 MAY 2005, para 2-3, and individual cannot have reached his/her 35th birthday. HOWEVER, AR 601-210, para 3-3a, states, "An applicant is eligible for RA enlistment if applicant's age, when subtracting prior honorable active service completed in any military service, is not more that 35 and the applicant can qualify for regular retirement with 20 or more years of active Federal service by age 55". According to this, if you have reached your 38th birthday, you are too old. (3 yr TIS + 35)

AR 601-210, para 3-3b, states, "Applicant is eligible for reenlistment in the AR if he/she...has not reached the 55th birthday and can qualify for retired pay by age 60". According to this, if your have reached you 47th birthday, you are too old. (60 yo - 17 yrs to retire = 47)

Naturally, these rules don't apply to recipients of the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross or Silver Star Medal.

If your are REALLY interested in re-enlisting, check with your local recruiter. Take a copy of your DD Fm 214 with you when you do.

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