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how to file a complaint against a soldier?
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how to file a complaint against a soldier?

civilian was threatened by an American soldier on active duty

Basically, the first thing to do is to report it and ask assistance from the local authorities in your place, say the police or local political leaders in the area. However if they did not listen or they tend to be complacent on your complaint for whatever reasons, the next better thing to do is ask assistance from any group advocating Human Rights Violations, or from Non-government Organizations supporting victims of injustices. In any country, there are a lot of these groups. For sure, the next day after having told your complaint to them, the issue is already in the Media creating headache to your offenders. Don't be affraid, file the file the complaint, the group normally provides legal protections. Okey????

let it go the civilian more than likely diserved it

go to the nearest millitary post or the police will take the complaint also

Bo Darville
let it go, remeber soldiers have guns all the time and they know how to use them

I think this comes under rule 7.62

If this doesn't work you could try the 'heavier' rule 105

ask media assistance...dealing with men in power can be dangerous.....

Modest intellect
I am sure the civilian deserved it.

Do you turn in everyone who threatens you?

Some people just say stupid things when they are mad so my best advice is to let it go unless he or she does it again then contact the nearest base if you have the name of the person who threatened you

contact your local police first, then the military police

MP US Army
If this took place off base go to your local police, if on base do a report with the Military Police.

Haha, you're a liberal to the core. Dude, get a life. How many people have you threatened? Let it drop and get drunk; it'll do us all good.

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