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i need a SECRET security clearance, will they check my Medical records?
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i need a SECRET security clearance, will they check my Medical records?

My recruiter told me not to say anythign about my ADD, I have been off meds for like 8 years or more, they said no one will check unless it's a problem, i am leaving already in a few days. They told me they won't check my records, so will this be an issue? especially since i'm DEP'd for Nuc in the navy!

Not for a secret they won't.

Ive had a Secret clearnace for 5 years and they do not check your medical history.

they check EVERYTHING. if you lie you will be DQ from getting that clearance even if the initial condition is waiverable.

It shouldn't be a problem unless you make it a problem...if you know what I mean

Wedding photographer.
Yes they will check all of your records. However, it is not a crime to be on medications so you should be ok.

Yes. You also gave them permission to do so when you affixed your signature to Item #24 of the Report of Medical History form that you filled out. By your own admission you are bound for training at the "Rickover College of Nuclear Knowledge". The background investigation for your clearance will be checking for past medical records.

Bob D
They cant check your medical records. My youngest is also ADHD and is on track to beig in the Navy. As long as you did not collect Social security and are no longer on meds. You will be fine

Joshua S
You'll be OK if you don't tell them about the ADD, Your recruiter is right. Hes also getting you out of unnecessary paperwork.

Vet. With out Country
You will be checked from the day you were born till now

It should not be an issue. You haven't used med for this in a long time and no longer have a problem with it. Sounds like you 'grew out of it.' They will be looking for things like habitual illicit drug use, or other ailments like heart conditions, asthma and so on. Not to worry. Thank you for serving.

You will be asked on the application for the Secret if you have ever seen a counselor, pyschologist for depression or anything. I don't remember specificially about ADD. Lying is never the right thing to do.

If you did not lie, no need to worry about it.

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