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i want to join the military service but i am on probation any ideas?
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i want to join the military service but i am on probation any ideas?

i have a class six felony trafficking of a stolen item,i have a year and half of probation i want too and need to join the military, as everyone knows there are no jobs out there and especially for felons I want too know how can i convince my probation officer and the judge so I can join willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to join thanks for help i can get the felony waived so thats not a problem i just need to know how to convince my probation officer to let me off and i have moral character I made a mistake everyone makes mistakes in there life its how you overcome them

you can't, plain and simple. One while you are probation you are INELIGIBLE to enlist, period. 2, you MAY NOT get off probation early just to enlist. your recruiter cannot help and no judge has the authority to specify that you do so as a condition to dropping the probation. in fact if he did so you would be PERMANENTLY barred from ever enlisting. 3: there will be a waiting period once your probation ends.. anywhere from 30 days to 5 years, before you are eligible to seek a waiver. 4: NO felonies are currently waiverable. anything bigger than minor traffic tickets and you CANNOT GET A WAIVER right now.

Yes, we know you made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, but there are mistakes which simply cannot be undone. As long as the military has more applicants without felonies on their record, this is one of them.

If anyone changes your probation/fines/community service, etc., with the stipulation that you entry the military, you just became disqualified to enter any military branch. DoD and all branches have regulations to prevent you from entering.

alexander m
Waivers aren't automatic and the military only hands them out when they don't have enough recruits who don't need waivers. As of right now that's not the case, they're actually considering downsizing some. As for your probation officer, try anything civil service


Steve Zombek
you cannot

There are waivers in extreme cases, but it's unlikely you'll ever be allowed to enlist in the armed forces. You especially won't be considered if you're serving probation. It's pretty sad that some folks just don't understand what a social setback a criminal record, even traffic violations, can cause to their lives. You gotta walk the straight and narrow now...set some goals and stay on track to achieve them...help someone around you by making sure they don't make the same mistake you did. Good luck, man.

Colonel jd Moss
This is going to be tough for you. The rule of thumb is that any felony conviction will cause your application to be rejected. Your only hope is if you can convince the judge and probation officer to reduce your felony ot a misdemeanor, which while rare, has happened if the judge is sympathetic to your plight. You will however ned to be completely up front with the recruiter, and make sure you leave no details out. Be aware that this crime had it been committed while in the military would have resulted in a bad conduct discharge, so the recruiter is going to look carefully at the recommendations of the court. The days are pretty much gone when youthful offenders are given the choice of the military or jail. Good luck.

I will tell you there was a time when the Marines took a lot of criminals. We had people whom went to court and the judge gave them a option of going to jail or joining the Marines. I served with many Marines that were given that option. Now today's Military is totally different. They are hard on any criminals and certain crimes such as theft, domestic violence, weapons charges, will keep you out of the service. If you are a felon, you definitely will not be joining the Military. Im sorry about your misfortune, but the Military will not even touch you. I know its hard to find a job out there now, and having a felony hanging over you does not help. I wish you the best and i hope someone will open the door and give you a chance...

Military personnel must be of good moral character. I suggest trying to get a pardon before applying to the military.

I wasn't aware that the military accepted felons. At least I hope not. You might want to check with the military first before talking to your probation officer and the judge. .

The military is currently not recruiting anyone with a felony.

Due August 11, 2011!
A Felony is a cause for disqualification. They won't accept you.

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