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if you join the army do you HAVE to go too war?
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if you join the army do you HAVE to go too war?

I had a recruiter tell me that you can just join ad for EX. if you wana be a psychiatrist. you can be a military psychiatrist you can earn you're psychiatry degree in the army while geting paid to be one..he also said that aplies to a number of tingas such as buisness.which i would like to do and if the army can help me i would definetly join. I have nothing against war its neccasary i know this.. but i think the army has great benifets and stuff i am 17 btw i just DONT want to fight


Many people dont realize this ( because the Army tries to hide it) but pretty much everyone goes to war .; and every one fights. No matter what your MOS is.

The Army bends the Soldier to the needs of the Army. When I enlisted , I did so as a 25Q (Mulit-channel Communciation Systems) , I got deployed a little less this two months after I arrived at my unit.After a few months downrange , I ended up not only doing my signal work , but I was the SAW machine gunner and combat lifesaver .

I am not complaining about this , I am actually proud that I wasnt just one of those Soldiers who set at the FOB all day, but I am merely stating that fact that being a Soldier is very multi-tasked , you will being doing all sorts of things outside of your job.

If you don't want to go to war, don't join the Army. psychiatry and psychology(PHD) programs are very selective. If you want to pursue either without going to war, go to college. We don't want anyone that is not willing to go to war with us.

If you have to ask that question, dont join the military. You will have to go to war. I am a mechanic for the Navy and i have been on the ground in Iraq. It will happen no matter what you do. Go to college if you dont want to fight, stay out of the military.

That guy
YES. When you join, you take an oath of enlistment that reads something like this "I will support and defend the Constitution of The United Sates of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I will obey the orders of the President and those appointed over me."
If you are ordered to go to war, then you go. It's that simple.
Now, if you don't want to fight, then don't join the military. It's also that simple.

Airbound Gabe
don't enlist. the reality is that if you want to join the armed forces you must admit to yourself that there is a chance that you are going to be send into harm's way. if you don't accept this reality then don't join for your own sake.

If you're not willing to fight, the military is not for you. Our business and purpose for existing is war. We are paid a salary to fight for this country's interests. If it's benefits you're after, go to college, get a useful degree, and market yourself to an employer who won't require you to fight and will provide you with the great benefits and stuff you are seeking.

If you're afraid to fight, don't join my damn Army. It's what we do.

First of all, a psychiatrist is an M.D. with additional training in psychiatry. You'll be close to 30 by the time you finish all that schooling, if you can get in it in the first place. You can't just "earn a psychiatry degree in the army while getting paid." Where did you hear that?

Well all people in the Military are Soldiers first, cooks, Doctors and Mechanics 2nd. Your joining for the wrong reasson, it sounds more like you want a free ride to a better job and cash. A soldier never picks the wars he can or can't fight in, he is the political power of his nation, and must go when told to.

Being said, your position is not a combat role, but if you were in a base that was under heavy attack, don't be surprised if your given a rifle.

I don't know if you can refuse to fight in an all volunteer military service. In a draft, you could be a conscientious objector, if you could prove that it was against your religion. However, there have been people who have served who were against fighting but they drove ambulances, were medics, helped bury the dead etc. Sounds sorta like you want the benefits but don't want the job. Not that I blame you but, I'll bet there are a lot of young that don't want the job including some who are actually doing it!

Mark H
If they ship you, you go. And never trust a recruiter....

First, forget about the military, it's not for you. Your reasoning is completely wrong.

Second, learn to use spell check.

Corey T
lies. you will go overseas. do not let them fool you.

No you don't. There have been MANY cases of people who were granted conscientious objector status because of their personal beliefs. It's not just a given, there has to be documented proof that you are objected to killing.

In the army you do what and go where the army tells you to go..and if it is a combat zone then it is war for you rube.

To be a psychiatrist you would have to already have your doctorate before you join. While you are AD you can work on your degree on your own time if you are allowed, but with the examples you gave no thats not how it works. If you don't want to fight then don't join. If you are tasked to go, you go, period.

If you join the Army, you do what you're told. If they tell you to fight, you fight. If they tell you to go to school, you go to school. There's a lot of good opportunity to be found in the Military, but if you're unwilling to fight, then it might not be the best choice for you.

You are always a soldier first. At anytime they can pull you out of any job, give you a gun and tell you to go. That's how it is in the military. It's not just the Army either. All branches deploy and go to war. You can't be a military psychiatrist unless you already are a psychiatrist.

Patrick G
some jobs are most likely to go ore than others. talk to your recruiter but you WILL have to go if you are ordered to

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