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in military, what does "code red" means?
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in military, what does "code red" means?

GEN Gamer
that the ****'s about to hit the fan any any moment now, that anythin g could happen

First Lady
Watch "A Few Good Men." The whole movie was about a "Code Red."

Puppy Zwolle
Code red is a fictional term. But it 'occasionally and unofficially' is used in real life.

An unofficial military order to rough up an uncooperative soldier; this order was a pivotal plot point in the film A Few Good Men.

Stacy R
Bad thing

emergency situation requiring immediate action

you are going to be or are under attack. seriously, I was in the military.

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!!!

Justin K
snafu= situation normal all f***ed up

Most civilians that have seen the movie "A Few Good Men" would say "Code Red" means getting roughed up by other soldiers for not performing up to standards. This type of behavior is not tolerated in todays military.

There is no real "Code Red". In military slang it means a bad situaton.

This term would be something out of a local SOP. Generally the term 'red' would indicate either a high level of preparedness: "We are at condition red."; "Place your weapon into 'red' status." (loaded, round in the chamber and safety on) or a combat/emergency situation: 'Stage Red' (used in the 80's to indicate US forces in non-nuclear combat).

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