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infantry to green beret?
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infantry to green beret?

If I join the army and go infantry how long before I can tryout for special forces? I know about the 18x program. Can I tryout anytime while im in the infantry?

Two years.

You must be 20 years old
An E-4
Have a GT score of 110

IMHO you should do your first tour as a 11B with the 82nd Airborne and see if you like it or not.
Then reenlist for Special Forces.

Monty S
you should get at least a year and a half in to two years as a infantry man then put in the paper work for special forces training and then just wait for a answer .

A few years ago I was looking to do the same thing. When I went to sign up for special forces after AIT I found that if u did not do the 18x during enlistment then u had to wait till u got your e-4. If u fail then u will just go back to your 11b mos.

Curtis B
Outside of the 18x program, you need to be E-4 in order to try out for special forces (they don't like being called green berets-that's merely a hat they wear). You can try-out at any time, and most posts have a special forces recruiter who will help you get in shape and get you ready for SFAS, but even if you get accepted, you need to have been at your duty station for a year (overseas time counts) before they can send you to jump school and SFQC. Your recruiter can answer your questions better.

There are other ways to get there though. While in infantry school at Benning, you can volunteer for jump school. While at Jump school, you can volunteer to go through ranger school. While there is no guarantee that you will get assigned to 75th Ranger BN (and infantry soldiers can be assigned without attending ranger school) there is a better chance at getting assigned by graduating ranger school than if you roll the dice. A lot of SF troopers are ranger qualified, so it's not unusual to go that route. There are other MOS that can get you assigned to an SF group without having to go through SFAS, such as supply or admin. Remember, if you go SF, you need to reclass into another MOS anyway, so your MOS matters less than your desire and experience.

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