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is there much shagging in the british army?
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is there much shagging in the british army?

as above

HHHHMMM Healthy men and ladies at the same place at the same time let me think. At Shaiba Logistic Base in Iraq it was like a bunch of rabbits. I am sure at The Basra International Airport it's rocking. If not go see the guy that runs STS The water point at the Basra Airport his name is Sanjay and he will fix you up with a lady that he says is his wife, just tell him you are from CIV Sec and you will give him another Contract. Cheers

Join the navy.

Yes - and some of it goes on between men AND women too ! ! !

Only for the hansom boys.

course there is, thats all they talk about....there even allowed to do it to each other now that was an offence once and you wouldn't be let in now everyones fair game(consenting adults of course)

Yes.. and no.. basically by the time you leave you have been well and truly f***ed

Oh please!! nothing else to think about??

should i stay or should i go
drop the soap and see ,,boy !!!

Not for you

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