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my cousin got a 57 on his asvab. is that good or bad?
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my cousin got a 57 on his asvab. is that good or bad?

Fight on the Oppression
very bad

Your cousin is not too bright is he?

Cook MC
Mediocre. However one of my buddies managed to get into the army with like a 47, so he can get in if he really wants.

good if he wants to have a combat related job.

bad if he wants to do something besides combat.

Bad. He may wanna retest before enlisting or get a terrible rate/mos

little below average. They tend to base the decision on the GT score. I think it's like a 35 is the bare minimum to get in. 99 is the max score. I would have him try and retake it if thats at all possible.

While a 57 isn't terrible it may be best for your cousin to retake the test. As the military is quite over manned getting into the military is becoming increasingly harder.Also the better the ASVAB score the more opportunities available to him/her. Getting a 80+ is usually a solid score.

A 50 is concidered above average, so 57 is not bad. It's going to be his line scores that will make or break him, mostly the GT score.

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