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i want to reenlist and i joined the army in august 05 and my ets date isnt until august of 2011... can i possibly reenlist now?? and get italy and a decent bonus. (i heard that i can reenlist 3 years into my service) also IF i was able to reenlist.. would that deplete my existing contract and let the new contract start instead of me finishing the remaining three years THEN starting the 3 that i reenlisted for or will i be able to just start with the 3 that i reenllisted for with out finishing off my old contract. daaaang guys!!! THANKS fo ya'll responses and answering my question so in detail. lol... and i would like to add.. yea.. i heard like 3 or 2 years... 2 years make since.. im not sayin everyone else is wrong.. i really appreciate yall's answers cuz you all made me understand EVERYTHING bout this a whoooole lot better. sorry .. i meant *sense*.. i spelled it wrong.. not that it matters on here since i was already speakin in partial ebonics anyway. lol... but yea... ma bad.

Gyn-e was the only one that was right on target with this one. You cannot reenlist now. You need to wait until your two year window. You still have 3 years left. If you don't believe us go talk to your career counselor. Once you are at your two year window and you reenlist, it deletes your previous contract and you serve the term you reenlisted for for example 4 more years (instead of actually serving six , four plus two remaining) Your career counselor can make this clear as well.

First talk to your readiness NCO, they will be able to answer this better. But the last I heard was that the earliest you can reenlist is one year before your ETS. If you reenlist early your new contract does not start until the date of your original ETS, so you still have to fulfill your current enlistment. for the biggest bonus try to reenlist while outside the country so it is tax free.

You will have to wait another year to reenlist. Talk to your reenlistment officer and they will fill you in on all of the details. Your better off just waiting tho until your tour ends and reenlisting then that way if you get a bonus you will get all of it.

Yes you can reenlist early, But the amount of your existing enlistment, is subtracted from your reenlistment. IE: if you have 3 years left on this enlistment, and reenlist for 6 years. Then your only gonna get credit for a 3 year reenlistment. So it will effect any reenlistment bonus's big time. IE: they are not gonna pay you a reenlist bonus for reenlisting for 6 years, when you already owe them 3 years. The Bonus would be prorated, and you would only get half of it.

No you can not re-enlist now. The earliest you can re-enlist is two years prior to your ETS date. IF this happens your new contract will replace the old one, but any bonus that you re-enlist for will be pro-rated (for lack of a better term) to the years that you are actually re-enlisting for minus the time you still have left on your existing contract. Meaning if you originally enlisted for 6 years and you are re-enlisting at your four year mark for six more years, you will only get the bonus for 4 years due to the fact that you still owe the army two years in your old contract. But your new ETS date would only be 6 years later (rather than 8) Hope this helps! PS: My husband has already re-enlisted once 2 years out for a 17,000 of which he only got around 10,000 and is re-enlisting again next Tuesday (again 2 years out). He has been talking to the retention officer for about a month now. It used to be that the earliest you could re-enlist was 1 year...they've changed it to two years, but that is the max. Also, as some others have stated that they add the contract to the end of the existing one...that does not happen (anymore)! It replaces the old one and restarts your time owed to the Army. If you are looking for a stone cold answer...talk to retention. You can also look it up on www.military.com under benefits

You can't re-enlist until your current tour is close to ending.

no you can reenlist now u can only relist 3 month before u a re due to get out. and no that will not deplete your 1st contract u have to finsih your 1 st contract before u can do anyhting. us vet and help the va office

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