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what happen when you don't show up to drill?
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what happen when you don't show up to drill?

Assuming it's reserves... you'll get written up, slapped on the wrist, not paid but only the first time. Give it a second shot and ya might be looking at making rank the wrong way... as in backwards, demoted, busted, dropped like a toilet seat...

If you are a veteran in the Naval Reserve and your attendance becomes unsatisfactory, miss a total of 5 drill periods (4 hours in AM or 4 hours in PM equals one drill) you will be subject to discharge or transfer to the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) if you have not completed your 8 year initial obligation. If you are an obligor (obligated to drill since you have not completed your initial active duty/drill time obligation) you will be subject for recall to active duty. You do, however, have the opportunity to schedule makeup drills if you call in before the end of the drills you miss, in which case your performance will continue to remain satisfactory.

Chief Petty Officer
U.S. Navy, Retired
Admin Officer at several reserve centers

RTO Trainer
Depends on the state and the command.

You can get a visit from the Sherrif and spend your drill weekend in a jail cell.

You wont be considered AWOL as your not active duty. You'll have to make up the drill and depending on your CO and your branch you may get a little chewing out and maybe some more PT than the others. you should know what to expect as you certainly have been to drill before.

I missed drill a couple times (Navy) and all i had to do was make it up so instead of one weekend I did two but my make up weekend was not with my squad so it was different.

Riley's Mommy
You will get a Certified Letter in the mail from your unit explaining that they gave you a "U." One Sat/Sun drill weekend is 4 mutas, which is 4 U's, you get a total of 9 U's a year... if you get more than 9 U's in one year then you have a bad year. If you don't show up consistently then they will send you discharge paperwork in the mail.

That's how it works in the Army Reserves.

Also... they still take out the SGLI, even if you don't show up,so you'll end up with a debt and when you do show up they will take all of it, so you may not end up with much money afterwards.


Axe 2 Grind
Depends on what branch you are in. But the longer you wait to report, the worse it is. You can also be given an article 15, which is worse than a suspension. You can be given restriction, reduction in pay, etc...

You better have a darn good reason for missing, thats all I can say

You are considerd AWOL... Absent With Out Leave. In the Military that can be very serious.

Unsatisfactory participation (skipping drill) can end up getting you called to active duty for a period. I've done the paperwork to get people recalled for it. Don't go there.

MSgt, USAF (Retired)

If you are in the Guard or Reserves, you will be Absent without Leave and probably will not receive your monthly check. You may also get written up and action taken against you.

hey that is funny they wont be any holes........YOU better pray u have a good excuse ... or else you will be pushing the floor my friend.......or runnig but wait till the best part you goigng to get yell at

carefull they migh punish the hole team... and trust me they will get back at you

Someone is sent to look for you, and you'd better have a DAMN good reason. If they don't find you very quickly, you will be reported as AWOL, and then it becomes an issue for the MPs.

green apple
I was told that if you don't show up, without notifying anyone, they will put out a bench warrant for you. At least that's what my husband's recruiter told him regarding the new rules in our state. You should just go...you made a commitment.

You could be counted AWOL and sent to jail. You could also face an article 15 or court martial depending on how long you do not go.

try it and see what happens

Cory G
you are yelled at and sent home

jonathan h
u get yelled at

Yeahhoo P
they just punish you later with another drill.

There wont be any holes

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