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what is a navy corman?
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what is a navy corman?

Navy Corpsman = Life Saver. You've already gotten some wonderful answers here, but I have to add my two cents.

I'm friends with some Navy Corpsman moms--all but one, a female, have been to the sandboxes with "their" Marines. They are an AMAZING group. Time and time again they write home and ask that their family sends them extra meds instead of b-day presents or whatever. They know their responsiblity and take it VERY seriously. No matter how minor the condition may be, an upset stomach, headache, etc., they don't want to have to let "their" Marines down. Most would make the most hovering mother hen bow her head in shame. And they have yet to make a medal that would make one any prouder than the day "their" guys first call them "Doc."God bless them each and every one.

I think the average life expectancy for a corpsman (which is a field medic, like the others said) during Vietnam was like 3-6 minutes, something like that? I guess it's a dangerous job during war-time, but what a brave and admirable one. When I was in the Air Force, I worked in a Naval hospital on base (the Navy allowed my unit to share their space) and I had the opportunity to work with some corpsmen...in a traditional hospital setting, they pretty much did what a nurse or medical assistant would do.

the corpsman, is some of best people you will ever know...you don't get through corps school being a dummy...

I've seen them take on the best and worst of tragedy's
they are medic, nurse, doctor, pharmacist, radiologist, all in one. they have to do so much more...from making sure the quality of living is kept to standards to general triage at sickcall...they do this with out any extra thanks....me as a gunnersmate, I knew that the Corpsman is king.

gary h
A navy Corman is a medic that travels with the Marines.

a medic

I was a Naval Corpsman...We are the one's responsible for patient care under the instructions of the Doctors and Nurses...although the nurses were pretty much useless as far as I could tell...we did all the work anyway...

basically an EMS on and off the battlefield

a Medic

A Navy Corpsman is the paramedic of the military. Watch some old war films and you will see a guy running to a man down with a medical bag over his shoulder. They are life savers and have been all through history. Thanks for asking!!

知道 wo zhi dao
a corpsman is essentially a nurse.

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