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what is the difference between a commissioned and non- commissioned officer in the National Guard Resvs?
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what is the difference between a commissioned and non- commissioned officer in the National Guard Resvs?

The difference is in the "commissioned" and "non-commissioned" term. Unlike what one of the previous answers stated, the commission is granted by the Congress of the United States of America and approved by the president. The only legal mechanism of "command" based on American system of law is a commision granted from Congress. The only people allowed to command, therefore, based on American law are "commissioned officers". The authority to command or more accurately lead granted to non-commissioned officers is granted to them by commissioned officers.

There is no difference between reserve component officers and active component officers other that the amount of obligated service time.

R David
To really answer your question the NG and Reserves share the exact rank structure ( of course ARMY for ARMY and AIR FORCE for AIR FORCE).

Now, for the "implied' question: The difference between a Commissioned Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer is that a Commission is gained through proclamation or decree from the office of the President of the United States of America, this is where the rank holder's authority hails. Conversely, the Non-Commissioned Officer derives their authority from (in my case the ARMY) whichever Department of Military Branch they serve, be it ARMY, AIR FORCE, MARINES or NAVAL FORCES.

This holds true across the board for Active, Reserve, National Guard and State Guard service.

As for the qualification of college, yes it is traditionally a differentiating trait, but not the defining. There are Non-Comm's with Associate Degrees thru PhDs and Commissioned Officers with just 60 credit hours.

Hope this helped have a good one.

Jeep Freak 81
If you are non-commissioned and take a officer rank you are able to make more as a prior service enlisted until you reach O4 or Major in the US Army. I am not sure about the other branch's.
Now to keep your rank as an officer you must complete a school of study. If you already have the required courses, you have nothing to worry about. Usually you have two years to complete the process of keeping your rank. Now, if they are in a good mood, they will allow the soldier to remain in the National Guard at his former enlisted rank.
The same thing happened to a platoon leader in my company. He didn't finish his education and was demoted back down to a E6 Staff Sergeant.

E-4 through E-9 is non commissioned. O-1 and up is commissioned. There are others with a W called warrant officers. But for the most part, officers have gone to college and gone through a different type of basic training.
"non-coms" more than likely went through basic "boot camp" training and started as E-1

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