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what is the legal age to go to war in the uk??
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what is the legal age to go to war in the uk??

The legal age for a soldier to be in the front line in the British Army is 18. However, during WW-One, not just a few hundred or a few thousand, but almost certainly hundreds of thousands of under aged 'boys' joined up, many only 16. My very own Grandfather, of fond memory, managed to get into the Bore War in South Africa still only aged 16. He was not the only one by any means. A Royal Navy gunner, aged 16, was awarded the VC in WW-One. Makes you want to weep! On the German side in WW-One the number of 'children' in the front line, especially towards the end, was quite considerable, they a buried in their thousands where they fell. Britain's Boy Soldiers - showing on The History Channel http://www.thehistorychannel.co.uk/site/tv_guide/full_details/British_history/programme_2304.php

You can join the armed forces at age 16 in the UK but cant be sent to experiance front line combat until you are 18.

Alf B
18...and it's the same age to be shot on active duty. Sad fact!!!! :-(

Recently changed to 18 years old. However you can be posted in a support role in a neighboring country,that isnt actually designated a warzone at 17 years old.....but you could be less than a 100 miles from that border for example. And you can also be posted on " peacekeeping " tours in various areas of the world that are not designated as warzones as young as 17 From my own experience as a 17 year old when we first went into Bosnia under United Nations mandate,it was classed as a Peacekeeping operation.......but it was a fullscale war....our convoys and bases coming under constant sniper/arty attack.

My cousin begins his training in a few weeks, he has just turned 16. He took his exams when he was only 15. The minimum age to fight front-line with the forces is the UK is 18, over 16s can still be posted to Iraq or Afghanistan.

The legal age for H.M.Fs to go to war is 18. You can train from 16 but have to stay as rear party till you are 18 years old.

Woppa TRFC
It used to be 16 until I think Gulf Wars II, where a few people under 18 got slotted, and it looked bad in the press.

18 before you can be sent to battle

Victor E
It's 18 but you can join the services at the age of 16, you might be send to war if you finish your training before your 18 birthday.

Edward Harrison
i think is 18 .. when one is come to age.. he is adult ~ adult can go to war for sure.. of course..it needs test and other physical and metal exam

Dry Dreamer
You have to be 18 before you can be sent into battle

Oli B
Well you can join the Army/Navy/RAF at 16...so whenever you have finished your basic training i guess...

Lynn C
18 years old, thats how old my son was.

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