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whats the social life in the army like?
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whats the social life in the army like?

There is no social life in army.It is Army life.Perhaps there is no life at all.It is serving your motherland.

fanbloodytastic..... loads of beer.. loads of clubs and lots of people to go drinking with and a good wage to waste ..Drinking in large amounts is the culture.. for those who dont drink there are other options like thrashing yourself in the gym but as a recruit drinking is the norm good luck

the guru
Your buddies are like a family. You get paid twice a month, and if you live in the barracks, you have minimal bills. A lot of people in the military really get into the drinking lifestyle. That is okay if you are careful to make smart choices about how much and how often you drink. A military member also has a lot of opportunities to make new friends because there are always people transferring into your area, and my experience has been that military people are very accepting of people, even when they are different.

James M
Its like this, the military provides, but you must partake. There are programs like better opportunity for single soldiers that help single soldiers get involved trips, groups and sports and there are plenty of family groups. The schools are good and there is always something going on. There is a lot of drinking also, but thats to be expected. Units that have deployed, tend to be very close and like their own family

really good. all squaddies are p.issheads

i was a soldier in the British army and was based in Germany, our social life was brilliant we were out in the naffi or battery bar every night then at weekends we would go to clubs, we worked hard during the week so when we had time to play we played. why do you ask.

Plenty of AIDS morning Q for pills , ust in case. From the mouth of RA F's. See, plenty of social life there.

Watch the Family Guy episode "Saving Private Brian"


Just like social life for civilians, except that Soldiers are usually closer to one another due to deployments.

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