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wher did the term fighting irish come from ?
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wher did the term fighting irish come from ?

the irish, fighting for certain things, the IRA etc etc, wanting to be thier own country and not be part of the UK, good on them, ( i do not agree with thier mothods or the violence in any way ) but why be part of a country who has basicly stolen thier land to begin with?

Notre Dame's football team is indeed called the "Fighting Irish". The first use of that moniker is likely during the American Civil War for the 69th New York Infantry Brigade, the vast majority of whom were Irish immigrants. They were known as the "Fighting 69th", among other things.

Notre Dame

Saint Hell
It isn't just that there's something in the Celtic attitude toward the world that makes them grasp it with both hands, and shake every bit of life out of it... It's also because of this: Celts don't give up. Ever. It might take eternity to obtain justice...BEYOND eternity, because Irish tales are full of the images of The Dead stepping back into this world to settle a score...but justice WILL be obtained. It's sort of like...being bitten by a snapping turtle. Once those jaws lock onto your big toe, even cutting off the turtle's head won't make 'im let go...

joseph m
the american new york infantry division,ithink it may have been the 42nd

Think it goes back to the days when the Irish fought each other with sticks (Shilleaghies) This was called faction fighting, and was encouraged by the English in order to maintain a split between various Irish factions. Many stick fights also took place at fairs. Now outlawed. The tradition does carry on in a manner with the game of hurling.

Tricky Dicky
...not sure exactly The Irish were well known as people who liked a good scrap fighting for their place in America's melting pot of immigrants,- following on from forced migration during the Famines From the brazen Boston Strong Boy to Gentleman Jim Corbett, legend of the 'Roaring '20s' Jack Dempsey through to James J. Braddock, who fought his way from the welfare queue to the heavyweight championship of the world Irish Boxers were were world renowned, eg John Morrissey, Yankee Sullivan, John C. Heenan and Paddy Ryan

It came form an old Irish dude named jesus. He would bye cheez-its at seven eleven and throw them at the donkey's in the swimming pool on sundays after lunch at the pancake barn. Its a long story.

Random Person
It might be because, and this is a bit stereotypical, that the Irish get into a lot of bar brawls. Keep in mind that this is just a guess.

Doesn't matter. From now on we're calling them the "Fighting Black Baptists." It may not be politically correct, but it's more accurate. ☺☻

fighting fish I guess...

coz they are have been scrapping from year dot??

chirag i

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