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which military branch pays most at basic start?
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which military branch pays most at basic start?

when starting out, not having a degree or in an ROTC program or anything like that, which of the military pays the most?

jessie w
Without ROTC or College Credit you can still get extra rank in the US Army by reffering others who end up enlisting before you leave for basic. Here's link which describes what I'm talking about. You can get an early promotion to E-2 or E-3 depending... http://www.google.com/url?url=http://www.us-army-info.com/pages/dep.html%23referral&rct=j&q=DTP+Referral+Program&usg=AFQjCNFujZHGO36H2h9ZzugiNxQIVDMSAA&sa=X&ei=UZM7Tc2jPIGaOqSh1dIL&ved=0CCkQygQ&cad=rja

Right, an 01 or E1 pay the same regardless of branch. All the services employ advanced rank programs for ROTC, Enlistment Term, College credit. So for example, on the officer side, all Dr's start as Captains, 0-3. On the enlisted side, a person coming in with ROTC and signing up for a 6 year term in the Air Force, comes in as a Senior Airman, E-3.

Bruce Lance
Some ROTC units give you a stipend for 4 years straight, it all depends on the University you attend, the unit and the branch Here at NROTC (marines included) you have to be on the scholarship to get money. I joined as a 'college programmer' and all i got is the uniform and books for free. I never got any type of stipend Here at AFROTC they start paying you on your 3rd year whether you are on the scholarship or not Here at Army ROTC they just pay you right off the bat But regular enlisted people make the same as E1 in all branches. Rotc, Military academy, other officer programs...etc all differ when it comes to your stipend. My friend at Annapolis says he gets next to nothing while my other friend who is doing the BDCP program is banking!

nate c
all on the same pay scale goes by grade and years in

Milos Komazec
It's all the exact same

Peeping Torgo
They all pay the same. However only the Army will start you at a higher rank if you meet certain requirements (JROTC, Eagle Scout, recruit a buddy, etc.)


Each branch pays the exact same. By years in and rank.

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