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who goes to war first?
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who goes to war first?

do the marines or the army go to war first???

Johnny Derp
The Air Force.

Albert D
first usmc
second is Army
then third is air force or navy that provide air support

Marines are in first in most cases

3barrels 2hearts 1dream...GO!
The Marines do.

Al G
Army Special Forces first then the marines and the rest.

Monty S
it depends on the situation ,once the alert go out every branch get,s ready to go .

The Marines are on the field of most wars first... But sometimes it just depends on the wars

haha ok
the marines go first to fight
everybody knows that ****
marines shoot first

The terrorists go to war first. They start the fight, the Marines finish the fight. The army comes in to clean up the fight.

All the armed forces go to war when it is declared. The Marines may or may not be the first to go into battle... Depends on the situation.

it completely depends on the strategy put in place

think about it, why would we send in the Marines or Army first EVERY TIME? don't you think that might take away the element of surprise?

The Army is usually the first in. But it depends where. I have heard of Army goin first and i have heard of marines goin first. The marines will tell you they always go in first so that they can blow up their egos even more but that is not always the case.

Apple Juice
The army was the first to go into the war in Iraq, they did recon. It all depends on the type of war and where it is located really, but usually army.

Just use common sense, why would they send in the smallest branch (marines) first? That makes absolutely no sense!

Army Infantry is always first to fight in an actual declared war but they only use the Army when they plan on inflicting damage and taking over a country. The only time the Marine Corps is first to fight is when they're being used as a policing force like in Haiti or to protect a U.S. embassy overseas or something like that...and during those times they may be the only ones there to fight.

Usually the United States Marine Corps.

"From the Halls of Montezuma
to the shores of Tripoli.
We fight our country's battles
on the land and on the Sea.
First to Fight for right and freedom
and to keep our honor clean,
we are proud to claim the title of
United States Marine" - the Marine Corps Hymn

Semper Fi, big brothers, ...all the respect and admiration in the world from a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. Give 'em hell!

Neither. The first ones in a hostile environment are generally the clandestine ops. CIA, SpecOps, those types and they preposition as far as targets and intel. The first into actual combat really depends on where the issue is. The retard who said the Air Force is thinking that they fly 6 miles overhead and take some pics. The Navy and Marines are forward deployed (they are waiting for the fight) and generally have the first hands on ops.

Perro De Lava
What do you mean by "goes" to war first?

The first to respond will be the USMC since they are always deployed in various places around the world. But this does not mean the USMC will enter the hostile place, it simply means they will make their presence known..

And anyone from the Army Special Forces or the AF's combat controllers can enter an area first.

I don't think there is a standard procedure to send in this group or that group first.

I can say the USMC will always be the first unit with complete war fighting capabilities to be in one area since they travel ready to go including air support. No other unit can do this.

To answer your question, America goes in first.

It depends on how you mean go to war. The reason Marines think they are first to fight is the MAGTF concept and the fact that they deploy aboard Navy amphibs with 15-60 days of supplies ready to be off loaded. They float a reinforced Bn around in the ocean (MEU), in the form of a Ground Combat Element, Air Combat Element, and a Logistic Combat Element. We haven't had to do a beach landing in awhile, but that is what they are organized to do. Get on shore, with full combined arms and support. They aren't the best at anything, but they can support themselves in house pretty well. It would be foolish to say that they can control the air better than the Air Force or to say they are large enough to carry out a large scale land battle, but as far as gaining a foot hold with the support of SF and the Navy they can get by just fine.

Air power goes in first. Usually, stealth bombers will take out high value anti-air targets (or Navy Tomahawk missiles do the trick) followed by Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force air units, who all prep the battlefield for the Army and Marine Corps. If anyone would like to argue this strategy, please volunteer to go fight on an unprepared battlefield

Stop with the Marine sh*t! Christ! When was the last time Marines have been the first in on anything?

First Gulf War? The 82nd Airborne (for months before anyone else) followed by the entire 3rd Army BEFORE the 2 Marine Divisions arrived.

Bosnia? Army

Kosovo? Army

Somalia? Army - Special Ops (although the largest initial combat unit was the USMC) followed by the 10th Mountain Division

Haiti? Army

Afghanistan? Army

Iraq? Army

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