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who is the most decorated american military officer ever?
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who is the most decorated american military officer ever?

I don't know about in the entire military... but Chesty Puller is the most decorated Marine Officer to date.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker Most people think it was Audie Murphy. The current holder of most medals AND citations is Matt Urban. Guinness Book of World Records recognizes him as our country's most decorated soldier...

You need to define most decorated. Do you mean the highest decorated? Or the person with the most decorations? The most separate decoration, or the most number of decorations ? 13 American Soldiers and Marines have been awarded the Medal of Honor twice. By any definition, they would have to be considered the 13 highest decorated American's ever. . Some try and claim Hackworth is the highest decorated officer, but he never received the Medal of Honor, so how can you rank him ahead of anyone who received the Medal of Honor. Another problem, are 50 Air Medals, more than one Silver Star. Are 10 bronze Stars, ranked higher than one Air Force/Navy Cross or one Army Distinguished Service Cross. You see my point, even if you only use Medals for Valor. Trying to decide, any category of MOST, is meaningless.

Gen. Kratos
Ye close your trap winch, the most commerated officer is the Great Dark Lord Bush. we welcome this comrade with open arms in The Dark relm of Hebecacu

audie murphy you can watch the movie of his military life called TO HELL AND BACK STARRING MURPHY PLAYING HIMSELF

there was a marine guy that jumped on a grenade to save his men and was killed. but i also heared of this other guy that shot 300 to 400 men in ww2 in tell he was shot by a sniper. that is all i know.

General George S. Patton? Am I right or wrong?

Officer Christmas tree

Audie Murphy He was the most decorated Enlisted man in US history too. He was Field Promoted to 2LT.

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