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why do we pay respect to the us flag?
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why do we pay respect to the us flag?

Incorrectly Political
You're not just paying respect to the flag, you're paying respect to all it represents and to all those who fought and died to protect it.

It reminds me of my and my friends sacrifices are worth it even when so many people in this country hate us for doing it.

too short for my weight
i really wanted to just answer this question. however for true patriotic americans its like asking someone why do you love your parents. because they gave of themselves for you and never really asked for it back. you need to read about your country I mean true history. what agreat home we have and the flag is our badge our symbol. see in our we have a choice to love or hate our flag.

because you will get fined for burning it with out a permit

Because it is SUPPOSED to represent what our forefathers tried to establish. Unfortunately, America is evolving into what the rich and powerful want and not what the common people want.

Flag represent your land. As you stay on it, you have to respect.

The flag represents those who live in America. If you don't respect the flag, you don't respect yourself or anyone in the United States. These are things that really bother me. People who think it is a hassle to stand up, take off there hats, and respect the national anthem anywhere it is being played, are people who make me want to go ballistic. You F-ing live here, so you better damn well respect everything that stands for America. If you don't like it, get out and live somewhere else.

I actually agree with ferrero why do we respect the american flag since some people are from other countrys like me

since america already has the most freedom and taking freedom from other countrys and even the army is killing innocent iraqis

Why not? Everyone in this country is so ready to talk bad about the U.S. that we forget about the great country that it is. The flag symbolizes everything about the proud history and traditions of this nation. We must be proud of the men and women who fought and died for this country to give and preserve the freedoms we take for granted.

I respect the Constitution, the Republic, and the flag. I have no alligience to our current Administration and the gang of thugs that are the power behind the scenes.

To honor the millions that have died to keep it flying. It is the symbol of freedom throughout the world. It is an honor to be American and I am proud to call myself one.

I don't get it. It's just a piece of cloth. I only pay respect to the people.

Because people like me have fought for this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you ask that question, wht do you get up in the morning? Because you have to. I dislike and loose respect for anyone who doubts the flag. Don't you dare ask that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you seriously have to ask that question?

first of all it is our foundation and if you do not that is your right

Not just American Flag you should respect every other flag as you do yours and respect other countries as you do yours.Being a human that would be the way you end up loving the entire world and it would be a happy place to live in,than just chaos and attacks of terrorism etc all over...
but who 'll get those things into the heads of some ignorant people

to honor and respect those who died for our freedom... otherwise we'd be singing God Save the Queen now

.... that our flag was still there...
flags signify and represent. we honor what it stands for, freedom, bravery, our home.

because it symbolises our contry, and if you diss the flag, its the same thing as dissin your contry, u dig? lol.

I guess it's a symbol for nationalism or showing a nation's ONEness.

this flag represents our seperationfrom the mother country england. It was made to show that we are our own nation

if you dont know then either kill yourself or leave AMERICA

to honor america

it is a symbol of everything this country was founded on and means

The flag symbolizes our nation and the freedoms our forefathers fought for.

because it is a symbol of our freedom, and our way of life...

I do it because I love America.

Because I respect the Republic, for which it stands...

It symbolizes America, and we should respect that.

...And to the country it REPRESENTS!

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